The Way to Know About
the Pay Per Head Industry

Given the premier service, sharp lines, and affordability, Ace Per Head is the perfect option for those bookies looking for a pay per head service.

Set Up Your Pay Per Head Website

Ace Per Head, the top PPH provider on the market, provides you with a lot of help setting up your website. You can choose between any number of customizable templates for initial set-up. These templates are specially designed for budding bookies, but we can also help you build a fully-custom site from scratch if you prefer.

You can then access features including:

  • Security features like multi-factor authentication, site encryption, and crypto payments.
  • Automated updates and upgrades
  • Linking to other sports score-tracking sites to better keep track of bets
  • Fully customizable lines and limits
  • 24/7 customer support for both agents and players

All of these features can help you to grow your website in both the long and short term. Make sure that you talk with an expert and use them correctly. You can also alter and adapt your website over time if you have a specific change in mind.

We’re here to use the best features to match your specific vision. You imagine it; we bring it to life.

This makes your business scalable and flexible. It also ensures that you always are making more than you’re spending. You will always be profitable with a consistently lucrative pay-per-head bookie business.

Is Pay Per Head Secure?

You may worry about security when becoming a bookie. This is a valid concern- after all, you’ll be working with copious amounts of players’ personal and financial information. One data breach could destroy your reputation beyond repair while also leaving you open to devastating lawsuits.

Assuming that you work with a reputable provider like Ace Per Head, you won’t need to worry about player security. When they sign up with your Ace Per Head platform, they will be assigned a random number that corresponds to their account. Neither you nor we will know their names or other information.

This is primarily important because it keeps player information off the web. In the unlikely event of a network data breach, there will not be any information to steal. The same courtesy is afforded to agents to keep your personal and financial info safe, too.

But what about payments?

Untraceable Bitcoin is all the rage right now, and for a good reason- it keeps financial and banking information off the net. When you offer Bitcoin payment methods, you add an extra layer of security and privacy for your bettors. You also should pay us your monthly fee in Bitcoin for your own safety.

Ace Per Head is committed to helping you to set up your sportsbook website, begin taking bets, and professionally manage your platform. That’s why we’re excited to talk to you about how we can help meet your individual needs. Create your package today below and make money now with pay per head done right, only at AcePerHead.

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