Price Per Head Sportsbook Software has the most fully inclusive Sportsbook in the entire industry, with the sharpest up to the second lines, and all wagers are immediately graded when each sporting event is complete. We offer all major sports such as NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, including halves, quarters, live betting, props, and futures.



Sharpest lines in the industry
Fully Configurable
Customized Website
Multiple Reports and Tools


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Ace Per Head Sports

Players also have the option to bet weekly Tennis and Golf tournaments, and match-ups, every Major Soccer League, and tournaments in the world, International Basketball Leagues, Women's Basketball WNBA, Boxing, MMA, Canadian and Arena Football, Ice Hockey World Championship, Nascar, Formula 1, Moto GP, Political Elections, World Entertainment Awards, Financials like the last two digits of each day's closing prices for the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P 500, and much more.

There are thousands of betting options available for players to bet on a daily basis, with various types of betting options like Straight bets, parlays, teasers, round robins, If win only, If win or tie, win reverse and action reverses.

Each of these options can be easily accessed with our fully inclusive website, mobile site, or over the phone. Since the most favored methods to place wagers are through the internet using a mobile device, tablet or computer, the sportsbook is formatted with an easy one-click process and a ticket confirmation number for each wager that is placed.

In addition, the sportsbook also has the option to allow players to bet on horses from every major race track across the country, a virtual and live casino, Texas hold-em, and VIP Live betting platform that includes hundreds of live betting options per game.

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Software Features

Software Features

The sportsbook, also offers each player an up to the minute current balance, available balance and amount at risk figure. There is also a tab to view all pending open wagers and a history tab that allows the player to see all their past graded wagers. In addition, there is an Inbox feature in each player account that allows the agent and player to send messages to each other that will be instantly viewable in the account and has an exact date and time stamp of when it was sent, and if it has been seen yet. (Great for setting up collections or questions.)

All sportsbook limits can be set to any limit that the agent wants, with thousands of specific profile limits that can be applied to the entire agent's package of players, or to specific individual players.

Lastly, the sportsbook includes a live chat in each player account, just in case any player or agent has a question, then they can instantly use this built-in feature to speak with a representative from the website. All chat records are saved on file, and players are only allowed to do what the agent has them set up to do. If a player asks for something they are not allowed to do, they will be informed that they need to speak with their agent.

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Run of the Mill Does Not Cut It Anymore

One reason why this has happened is that most shops use the same price per head sportsbook software, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because this means the software is trustworthy, the problem, however, is that everyone ends up looking and offering the same.

What most bookies don't know, is that this sportsbook software is flexible enough to integrate other 3-party software for additional products, like the live casino, and live betting. Now, I know what you are thinking, my price per head offers me those too, and I am not disputing this, however, what you need to ask your service provider is do they have a full-time staff of programming engineers and developers on their payroll?

I can assure you, most will try to dodge answering this question because they don't want to admit that they don't. Best case scenario, most will have a tech who understands databases and has learned his way around integrating software. Others don't have even that.

But, if you were to ask this question to any of the account representatives at, they will immediately give you an answer, because they do have a full-time staff of the most qualified programmers and developers on their payroll. This is in addition to the IT engineers who are responsible for ensuring the network works smoothly year-round.

Have you noticed how all pay per head services seem to have the same cookie cutter offering? Not only is that boring, it makes it increasingly harder for bookie agents to distance themselves from the pack.


Whether you are starting your career as an agent, or looking to expand your business, understanding the answer to “What is price per head sportsbook?” is a must for any business situation. Today there are many options to choose from when searching for a sportsbook software to use.

There are some things to look for in a price per head sportsbook that can help narrow down the options. The more you know about what price per head sportsbooks have to offer, the better choice you will make when starting your price per head business. Choosing a faulty service or unreliable company can lead to the extermination of your business. The wrong choice could cause you to lose everything you put into the business and in some cases more. So as an agent, it is good to know how to spot a reliable and capable bookie software. That way your business experiences profit, rather than loss.

Simple, because the price per head sportsbook software provider, has granted Ace Per Head permission to improve and customize the platform. Nobody understands your business better than them, this means they are in a prime position to design and implement upgrades and incorporate useful tools for all bookie agents.

Other pay per head services, have to wait for the yearly upgrade release to resolve glitches and obtain new features that were requested the previous year. Unfortunately, just because something has been requested doesn't mean it will get done by the next release, this leaves pay per head companies with their hands tied and no options to improve their service.

So why aren't other pay per heads doing the same as Ace? Budget limitations, hiring qualified staff is expensive, add to this the required training process a developer must undergo before they can start working. Even the most brilliant programmer needs to understand the core business in order to work, so has invested a large sum in finding, hiring, and training these engineers, they have been able to do this because of how successful they have been, other companies, unfortunately, are not in a position to compete in this area.

Well, as you can imagine it means a quicker turnaround for resolving issues and enjoying upgrades. It also means that Ace Per Head is in a position to incorporate new products and payment methods before anyone else in the industry.

Don't settle for cookie-cutter solutions, you have a choice, so be bold and go for different.

Modern bookkeeping includes online price per head services, offered by sites such as When building and managing a secure sportsbook business, price per head sportsbooks are a great option. It has gotten to the point where price per head sportsbooks have become necessary for agents to acquire and master, in order for their business to succeed in this cutthroat market. Not only are they needed due to the slope of the market, but they are also very useful and cost-effective. price per head sportsbook software serves as an excellent option for aspiring sportsbook agents because they are simple and financially reasonable options.

History and Standing

When looking into a price per head sportsbook, there is a lot to consider. The first thing to look for when searching for a sportsbook service is their reputation. How long has this company been in the industry? What is their standing with current and past customers? These are important questions to ponder as you explore what is price per head sportsbook service and how it can help your business. New companies appear constantly, but they fade just as easily. If a company has an extensive history, that is the sign of a successful and reliable operation, and definitely puts them into contention. But longevity is not all that you should consider in the context of industry experience. The company's standing with consumers is also important. If the company offers good customer service, and if they offer features and tools players are interested in, shows that the company knows how to adapt to bring in business and that they have been around for a while.

A good example of a company that meets this feature is They have been around for over 20 years, and today have one of the most popular price per head sportsbook services. They are proof that longevity and consumer standing keep a business going, as they adapted over time to the needs of the customer.

Customer Service

When conducting research over price per head sportsbook it is important to consider customer service. If a service does not have accessible and numerous ways to get the assistance that shows a lack of care towards customers and is a big reason to turn away from that company. Every modern price per head company should always be available to answer customer queries, and there should always be a way for customers to get assistance for any issue they might have with the service. If the company website has a listed number, social media links, live chat, and any other visible contact options, then that is a sign of reliable service.

A good example of a company that participates in good customer service is Their website has a hotline at the top of the website and links to all of their social media accounts. They also offer a 24/7 live chat option for customers who are in need. Their company serves as a good model for customer service, and they are a prime example of what to look for in price per head sportsbook services.

Progression rewards

Sportsbook service companies should reward agents for business progression. For example, a company could offer agent incentives for breaking a certain milestone such as the total amount of players added. Incentives push people to work harder, and they also show that the company is invested in each agent that uses their service. Player rewards are given, but it helps morale when agents also get rewarded for their hard work. When a company shows they are just as invested in you, as you are in it, it creates an effective partnership and rewards an agent’s faith in the company. If a company does not offer progression rewards, it shows that they may not have the funding to do so and that they are not as stable as other companies. And it tells you that they are not invested in each individual agent. Company perception is important, and the companies that give incentives know this to be effective and true.

A good example of this is, they offer incentives to their agents and players alike. They reward bookies for the business they bring in, and they reward players for giving bookies business. It is a good cycle that aspiring agents should look for when researching price per head sportsbook options, so understanding what is price per head sportsbook and how it can help your business is crucial.

A variety of Modern features

If a sportsbook has features such as; live betting, sports betting versatility, and mobile support, it shows that the company behind the sportsbook is handling the modern market well. Live betting is a popular modern feature that all of the best price per head sportsbook services have, if a company does not have it, then that could be a red flag. Another thing to look for is sports betting versatility. If a price per head sportsbook offers only minimal leagues and betting options then that shows they have not adapted to the modern market very well. And of course, the service should be available to use on mobile devices, such as a smartphone. This level of optimization should tell you that the company is invested in expansion and that they are a good base for your own business growth.

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