Pay Per Head FAQ'S

How quickly can you move me from my current site?

We can get you setup and rolling the very same day. Then you just have to give your players the new site -- we'll copy over their settings, balances, open bets, and set them up with the same usernames and passwords.

You don't need anything. Just give us a call, and we can start moving your guys over.

We always try to be competitive, so if you have a specific offer from another site, tell us about it. That being said, we have spent many years (and many dollars) building our team and service to be industry leading, and customers are willing to pay for a reliable service. Some shops race to undercut each other on price, and as a result their service is terrible. That is not our style -- with you only get the best.

Did your old site have some feature or ability you liked? Let us know about it, sometimes our engineers will be able to add the feature to our own product. For example, one customer came from a site that had a search bar to help players find a specific game on the board -- now we offer the same feature to all of our customers.

Click the blue tab to open our live chat, or else give us a call at (800) 909-5193.

We are a recognized, licensed, and taxed business in Costa Rica, and all services we offer are done so fully legally. Utilizing our services for play money or promotional activities is always legal, however, if you are operating a real-money sportsbook by using our services, you may be subject to additional laws and regulations in your local jurisdiction. We recommend you consult a lawyer before starting your business no matter which service provider you use.

None! In fact, it can be easier to get players interested if they can preview your site. Once you have one player, it is easy to start to grow. Word of mouth and referrals are great ways to do that.

You can pay your players however you would like. Remember, everything your players win or lose is between you and them. What they win, you should pay them and you can keep 100% of what they lose. We only charge you per active player each week. We take no cut of your wagering winnings and do not facilitate wagering transactions.

We are open 24/7, 365 days per year, and can be contacted via phone, text, online chat, and email.

Crypto, Store-brand Gift Cards, and other popular methods. Check here for more details.

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