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Every service we require to stay online is redundant. Between our 4 physical locations, we have 9 different Internet Service Providers ensuing our systems are always connected. We have two datacenters and two call centers, each in geographically separated locations, and on separate power grids.


We have a staff of full time and part time systems engineers and software engineers. This team not only oversees all of our systems 24-hours per day, but they continue to add new features and tools to our software. We are constantly adding new capabilities to our network, which you get at no further cost.


We backup all client data continuously, so even in the unlikely event of a catastrophic system failure, we won’t even miss a beat and all of your information will be safe. In addition to our highly redundant private-cloud infrastructure, we have backup hardware on hand so we can build a working system from scratch if needed.


Full system redundancy

Protection Layers

7 Layers DDOS protection

Expert Lines

Expert lines team means fewer misgrades and badlines

Security and DDos protection

Security and DDos protection

We take the security of our systems and of our customer data very seriously. Our entire network is protected by advanced 7-layer DDoS protection. In the event of a DDoS attack, we are able to transparently filter the good traffic from the bad traffic, which means the bad guys won't slow you or your players down.

Bad guys won't slow you or your players down with our security shield.

Hardware performance

Above all else, pay per head service is a technology business, and many companies don't understand that. If you've used other providers, you've seen their site go down at 1:00pm and 4:00pm on Football Sundays and slow grading during halftimes. These problems all come down to poor technology and unqualified part-time "tech" teams.

At, our technological backbone always gets the largest allocation on our budget sheet, and our engineering team maintains our infrastructure to the highest standard. This means your players can always get on the site. This means our phones will always connect you to an operator. This means you can focus on your business and not worry about anything else.

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Digital Security

Ip Filter

Administration of all systems is IP filtered and logged

SSL standards

Any secure services make use of https with modern SSL standards (4096-bit keys)


All web services and databases are protected by advanced firewall appliances with WAF and malicious vector filtering

Physical security

key-card-only access

All of our facilities are under 24-hour surveillance and guarded key-card-only access.

authorized personnel

Only authorized personnel are allowed near our equipment, and all activities are logged and audited.

key-card-only access

We have no outsources or work-from-home employees. All employees are on premise and supervised when handling our systems or customer data.

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