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We make sure to offer all of the features that attract players, and by tracking usage across our vast network, we can help keep you ahead of the curve. For example, up to 75% of web traffic at Sunday kickoff is from a mobile device or tablet. We make sure our services are optimized and available on all devices, including our agent reports, and our popular VIP live betting platform.

When you signup for a pay per head account with aceperhead.com, we assign an experienced account specialists to personally manage your account. This is the model used by banks and professional hedge funds where customer care is paramount. At many sites you are just an account number, they sign you up and don't want to hear from you again. Not with Ace.



We also consider discretion a paramount virtue. When your players call into our center, all they need is their player ID (usually 4 or 6 characters), and a simple password. We never ask for names or email addresses, or other contact information. We will not call your players unsolicited, or otherwise invade their privacy for any reason, nor do we allow your sub-agents to circumvent you and signup with us directly. When you use AcePerHead.com as your pay per head provider, you don't ever have to worry about the integrity of your package again.



Choose from a variety of up-to-date mobile-friendly skins, or we can custom design a site for you! We can even hook up our login form to your current skin, if you already have a login page of your own. We have a team of software engineers, something most companies do not keep on staff, which means we can tailor your site to your specific needs.



Whatever you need to manage your book, we can do. We do not outsource our lines, which means we have full in-house control of all the feeds and everything that goes on the board, what it follows, and how it looks. Just talk to us about what you need, and our team of experts can make it happen. Setup is very fast and efficient, so you can be running in no time.



Pricing is pretty simple: you only pay for what you use. Packages can price as low as $3/head, depending on factors such as your player count and your payment method. We offer popular add-on features as well, such as our VIP live wagering, live casino, and a custom prop builder. Try them all with our industry leading 6-weeks free promotion.



We offer live betting on all sports, over 100 live betting options per game, and a live TV feature so players can watch and bet the game right from the site.


Nearly 80% of all players wager on their smartphones to bet. All of our skins and features are optimized for computers, tablets, and phones, as well as all agent reports.


Players can choose from an unlimited amount of player prop betting options, with the ability to even customize their own props, along with option to parlay props.


Watch the bets as they come in with our real-time bet ticker. Enable sounds and highlights so you can see at a glance when big action plays come through.


We have the sharpest lines in the industry, but you know your players' particular tendencies so you always get full access to move your lines so you can always stay ahead.


Securely message your players back-and-forth directly through the website. All conversations are encrypted over SSL and can be easily and permanently deleted.


You can configure real-time alerts to email or SMS-text you whenever certain players place large wagers. Staying on top of your action has never been easier.


There is so much on the board, we couldn't even fit it into one screenshot. More options means more wagers, and more wagers means you make more money.


Players can view relevant live scores directly from the website, which keeps them logged in longer, and keeps them betting (and losing) more.


Our virtual casino is included on all packages and features more than 40 games. You can setup max daily and weekly wins/losses to mitigate hot streaks.


Ace Live Casino Dealer feature. Where agents can offer their players a real casino experience right from the palm of their hand on a mobile phone, on a desktop, or laptop.


Offer your players a full-features racebook with all major tracks.

Agent Site Features

VIG Discount
Line Mover
Bet Ticker
Pending Wagers
Graded Wagers
Buy Points Adjust Price
Manage Player Limits
Create Players
Move Players
Player Messages
Mobile First
Agents Manager
Props Admin
Ip Tracker
Max Money Line for Odds
Free Plays
Global Team Limits
Racebook Max Bets and Payouts
Change Limits by Sport
Max Underdog-Favorite Odds
Max Casino Limits
Max Parlay Payout
Manage Free Half Point
Delete Bets
Game Scores
Sports or Leagues Allow
Add Payment Methods
SMS Bet Alerts
Self-Help Cashier
27/7 Text Support
Bookie Software Demo Features

What Features Should You Look for in a Pay Per Head Demo?

With the online betting market expected to be worth $172 billion by 2030, you may be considering launching your bookmaking company and gaining a slice of this lucrative industry.

But What is the Best Betting Software for your New Bookmaking Business?

Partnering with the wrong firm could lead to your customers having a poor experience and switching to another bookie.

This is why you need to look for several critical features that can set your betting site apart from your rivals.

Bookies make money by leveraging probabilities. However, before you can research odds and set lines, it’s important that you choose a pay per head service that lets you reach bettors.

Here, we’re going to discuss the top features that you should look for in a pay-per-head platform. Read on to begin making money with your bookie business within days.

Let’s dive in and learn more about top pay per head demo features here and discover everything you need to know about this exciting new form of online gambling.

1 User-Friendly Interface

Customers want to log on and instantly see everything they need on a neat and tidy interface. This not only makes them want to stay on your site but also makes it easier for them to place bets.

This is not something you can afford to get wrong and must be an essential factor in your choice of betting software.

2 Customization Options

The first things to look for in a PPH platform are customization options. You want to build a site that boosts your brand and differentiates you from competitors. Whether you choose a template-based sportsbook or build one from scratch, it’s important that your provider values your custom needs.

Customization also is essential for those creating lines, players, and limits. You want full control over your sportsbook so that you can make money your own way.

3 Automated Assistance

Good PPH sites are fully-managed platforms. This means that they provide backups, updates, and upgrades automatically. You’ll never need to worry about changing your website with amateur knowledge and can instead contact experts when you need alterations.

4 Wide Range of Betting Options

As an independent bookie, you’ll want to give your customers a wide range of betting options, both for big events and smaller competitions. The more bets you can offer gamblers, the more money you can make. Having plenty of betting choices can also keep customers interested and keep them gambling for longer.

At Ace Per Head, our bookie software has a massive range of options for your clientele to choose from 24/7, 365 days a year.

5 Live Score Updates

Live score updates are one of the bookie software features that can massively increase your revenues. For example, if a customer stays on your site to watch the score, they may see other bets that also interest them. This could result in them placing more losing wagers that increase your profits.

This feature also shows customers that you are using state-of-the-art software to give them a superior gambling experience.

6 Player Watch Reports

As a successful online bookie, you’ll want to keep an eye on which gamblers are winning and losing. This can help you determine which players are costing you money and which ones might need help to stop chasing their losses.

By keeping a close eye on your customers’ wagers, you can also move your lines quickly when required.

7 Online Security

The best pay per head software needs to be secure. If you lose customers’ personal details, your reputation could be damaged. At Ace Per Head, our engineers ensure your site is safeguarded and receives regular updates to look after your customers’ data and your business.

8 Transparent Communication

Avenues for constant communication are an important feature for budding bookies. You may need assistance in the middle of the night during a big game. A 24/7 agent call center should be there to talk about your 2 AM problems.

The top PPH platform also has a 24-hour player hotline. If bettors have any problems, they don’t need to call you in the middle of the night. This leads to both happier gamblers and less stress for you.

9 Mobile Readiness

In an increasingly mobile world where most people are going online from smartphones, mobile readiness is a key PPH sportsbook feature. You need to make sure that your page loads on smartphones in an appealing and user-friendly way. The ability to make an app that players can access easily is also a great feature.

10 Direct Agent-to-Player Chats

Sometimes, though, players and bookies need to talk directly with each other. Secure messaging via your sportsbook’s mobile app is essential here. You should always be able to start or reply to a conversation over DM with anyone that has trusted in your bookie business.

Contact Ace Per Head for Your Betting Software Demo Needs

Having the best pay per head software demo can give your customers an incredible gambling experience and keep them coming back for more. The key is to have an attractive layout and backend features that allow you to update your screens and keep an eye on the action.

Ace Per Head has been in the online bookmaking services business for 24 years. Our team has the experience and knowledge to get you started on your bookmaking journey and to support you with great online gambling features.

To discuss your pay per head demo software needs and get a free quote, contact Ace Per Head today.

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