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If you are looking to be a bookie on a real bookie site then you need to get set up with a pay-per-head company. These companies specialize in providing service to bookies so they can offer their players a professional-looking website at an affordable cost.

These price per head companies provide established or brand new bookies with a website where these companies manage all the lines and odds up to the second and post options for players to bet on games from all over the world. Everything is updated up to the second and then gets graded immediately after each game ends, with the balance being automatically updated to each player’s personal account and to the agent’s master account.

Software Review Cost

This is a lot of work and costs a lot of money to provide a fully functional up-to-the-second website, however, since these companies have many customers they are able to offer this entire service at an affordable price. One of the top-ranked pay per head companies in this real bookies review and in the industry is and they offer this service at a price of $10 per active player a week. Depending on how many active players you as a bookie have each week will determine the cost that you will be charged each week.

For example, if you have 100 players but only 50 players place a wager that week then you only get charged for those 50 players and the total amount would be $500 for that week. That will be the only fee that is charged, which means that whatever the players win or lose will be what your profits are, and you will get to keep 100% of those profits. Players that wager always lose over the long term and if you are an online real bookie that has 50 active players a week they will easily be losing thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars every week. There is no limit to how much money you can make from using a real bookie review site such as Ace Per Head.

Also, it is important to set up a minimum wager limit of at least $25 for your players because anyone betting less than that is often not worth booking action from. Players that bet $10 a game are definitely not worth booking because the cost to use the site is $10 per player and unfortunately those types of small bettors are just looking to break even each week and not give enough action to make it profitable. The difference between a player making 10 wagers for $10 bets for a total of $100 plus juice, is significantly different than having a player make 10 wagers for $25 per wager which would be a total of $250 plus juice.

Real-Time Odds Software:

If you are looking to be a bookie and accept action on sports, then you are going to need players that want to bet and real-time odds software. Getting players is fun and easy and can be done with word of mouth, reaching out to all friends, family, coworkers, schoolmates, and social media friends. In addition, you can offer them all types of free play bonuses, to get them started, which will allow the player to make a risk-free wager so they can get hooked on betting.

Finding real-time odds software is also easy because there is an entire industry that is dedicated to providing this service specifically for bookies. It´s called the pay per head industry and they provide a professional-style sportsbook website with real-time odds that are updated by them up to the second.  Then after each game completes all wagers are graded immediately and all player and agent balances are updated up to the second. 

These services are called pay per head because that is how the cost is structured. They don’t take any commissions, and only charge a fee for each player per week that made wagers that week. The average price is $10 per player a week, and a player can bet one time or thousands of times and it’s still the same fee. In addition, whatever the players win or lose on the account, all the payments are handled directly between the bookie and player and the bookie keeps 100% of those profits.

So for example, if a player lost $1500 in a week, then the agent would only have to pay $10 for that player and then collect and keep the full $1500 from that player. Depending on how many players you have, how much they wager, and how frequently they wager, will all lead to bookies earning more money each week.

Sharp Lines are More Important than Cost

There are services that charge less than $10 per player a week, however, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for. Cheaper sites tend to have fewer betting options and softer slower moving odds.  

Since the odds are the heart and soul of a bookmaking business, it’s more profitable to have a site that charges a bit more, but has sharper, faster-moving lines, than having a site that charges less, but has soft lines. The reason sharper lines are more profitable is that many games land right where the lines are, and the difference between a half a point or a point on a game is often the difference between a win or a loss. 

One of the sharpest real-time odds software providers in the world is Ace Per Head because they have a handful of some of the sharpest professional bettors in the world using their platform. So they utilize that information on bets from sharp players to move the line immediately and aggressively and are often the first pay-per-head service in the market to move lines in the proper direction. Then the rest of the providers slowly catch up and copy Ace’s line moves. Give us a call today at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up on one of the sharpest real-time odds software providers in the market.

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This is important to remember because if you are a bookie that is concerned about costs then it is key to put players at limits that will give you the best chance to earn more money each week. So if you are a new bookie or current real bookie that is just looking to switch to a better site then give Ace Per Head a call today to use one of the best real bookie review sites in the industry.