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Pay per head beginner's guide.

Why Go Online with Pay Per Head?


Pay-Per-Head (PPH) service providers, like Ace Pay Per Head, cater to sportsbook agents and bookies who are trying to grow their business in the twenty-first century. Services often include a dedicated call center to handle player wagers and questions, a website for players to wager, and software for tracking and reporting player activities and balances. But for a long time, Sportsbooks and Racebooks did not use the internet to conduct business – and in many places in the world they still don’t. So why change all that now?

Well as it turns out, there are a lot of very good reasons why, and today almost all serious bookies have gone online. If you are trying to decide if online pay per head is right for your business, consider the following:

Ace Pay Per Head Cost versus Savings

Deciding if the price of pay per head services is right differs for every agent. Your added expenses will typically be a small weekly fee for each player that wagered that week, and the savings will be in personal time, investment, and administration. Usually it is a winning trade off – please consider the following example:

Agent Bob has 20 players currently, and spends all of his free time (30 hours / week) managing the players, taking wagers, and doing accounting

Bob joins Ace pay per head

In a typical week, 15 of Bob’s players will wager, so at $3 per head / week, he is now spending $150

With the accounting done automatically, wagers fielded by our call center, and player management done easily online, Bob now spends only 10 hours / week managing his players!

With the extra time on his hands due to ace pay per head services, Bob adds 40 brand new players – something he could never have managed before – all without doing more work than his original 30 hours / week

In this example, Bob is now working just as much as he used to, but instead of just 20 players, he is now spending a mere $450 to maintain a book of 60 players! With pay per head services, new heights are possible. Note, this example was intended for illustration purposes only – actual time savings vary widely by book.

Start earning money with just 1 player

It only takes 1 player to make money in this business. What are you waiting for?

A typical bettor might play $25 per game. You could make hundreds a week booking their action!

Don't stress over collecting player's losses. Offer payment plans or settle for less than you are owed. You end up way ahead if they stick with you.


Merge with Tips for Success

The best way to get players is word of mouth. Reach out to family, friends, and co-workers.

Offer a small freeplay to get people started and to entice new players.

Each player is different. We'll help you set their betting limits based on what they can afford, so they don't dry up.

Becoming a Bookie: Tips for Success

Becoming a Bookie: Tips for Success

Have you been thinking of becoming a bookie? Use this guide to find out how to get started and be successful in this business.

Did you know that Americans can bet over $3 billion on sports in a single month? As it becomes legal in more and more states, the sports betting market is expanding to new heights. This makes sense when you consider that it's a great way to engage with the teams that you love and to get a good adrenaline rush immediately.

This expanding market means that becoming a bookie is more lucrative and competitive than ever before. But do you have what it takes to become a sportsbook agent? Read on to learn whether or not you have what it takes to conquer this new challenge.


I want to grow my business

By opening yourself up to pay per head on the internet, your horizon is suddenly endless. In addition, the costs of growing are much lighter when a large company with dedicated resources is handling the day-to-day working of your business. Think of the time and energy you can save!

I want a website

Most players want the convenience and ease of browsing available wagers, viewing lines, and placing bets online. You can spend thousands learning about website marketing and design , OR you can let us handle all of that for you with our pay per head services.

I want around-the-clock phone coverage

If you are taking all of your players’ calls yourself, then you probably aren’t getting as much sleep as you deserve. Not having a professional call center is a turn off for players, and it stunts the growth of your company because you just can’t keep up. With Ace pay per head’s dedicated call center, we can handle all of that load now. Our specialists all grew up with American English as their primary language, and follow the sports your players care about.

I don’t want to worry about security and technology

A lot of bookies shy away from going online because they don’t like computers, or dealing with the technology required to maintain a call center. We have a dedicated team of engineers who manage our data centers and server health around the clock. We mitigate security vulnerabilities, perform routine maintenance on equipment, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on top-of-the-line technology… so you don’t have to!

I want full control over my rules and lines

Joining the wrong pay per head service can mean a loss of control. But Ace pay per head gives our agents complete control over the board, the lines, and all of the rules or limitations they want in place. Just tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.

Why Become a Bookmaker?

Before determining whether you have what it takes to become a bookie, it's important to answer the question of why you would want to.

The answer to this question will depend on what you're looking for. If you're a sports enthusiast, it may be a way for you to engage with your passion. You'll get to track teams and players while engaging with others that love the same events as you do.

If you're a fan of business, you may want to be a bookie because it's an in with an expanding market. Sportsbooks are, after all, businesses, and you'll get to work with clients from all over the US (and the world). You also will get to set your own lines and limits, manage players and professional tools, and orchestrate a business strategy.

No matter what you like, though, the #1 reason to become a bookie is how much money you can make.

Bookies with 100 players or more can easily make about $30,000 per week. This amounts to about $5 million per year, so it's basically a foolproof get-rich-quick scheme assuming that you can get enough clients. You're likely to make more around the time of major sporting events as well, so this is a low estimate for a 100-player sportsbook.

Why Become a Bookmaker?

Pay Per Head: Your Top Sportsbook Platform

To make this money, you'll need to use the right online sportsbook platform to reel in bettors. If you understand the technologies that you need to use, you automatically have what it takes to be a good sports betting agent. The right platform will do all the hard work so that you can focus on your players, limits, and lines.

In this way, everyone has the basic skills needed to become a bookie!

Pay per head (PPH) platforms are the only way to get a flexible and scalable sportsbook. PPH provides an alternative to flat-fee subscription-based services that would force you to pay the same monthly rate all year. This alternative is much-needed because flat-fee payments mean that you'll be putting more into your sportsbook during the off-season than you'll be making.

PPH services solve this problem by only making you pay for the bettors that you're actively working with that month. For example, if you have 2000 bettors during the Super Bowl, you'll pay $6,000- $3 for each of them. If fewer players are active during the off-seasons, you'll only pay for the guys that bet.

This means that you never will be paying for more services than you use. It keeps your sportsbook flexible so that you don't need to save money from your successful months and spend it on a sportsbook that you aren't using much. You will always be lucrative.

The Basics of Becoming a Bookie

Becoming a bookie is a straightforward step-by-step process. You can begin your journey towards agenthood immediately after deciding to use Ace Per Head's PPH platform.

First, ask your provider to help you create a website for your sportsbook. Our professional designers offer dozens of bookie-specific templates that you can choose from for a user-friendly webpage. These templates are great because they're mobile-ready, made specifically to take bets, incorporate tools for agent/player communications, and link to score tracking platforms.

However, since we work to meet your specific vision, we also are happy to help you set up a 100% custom-made website. Your imagination is the limit!

Once that's done, you'll have complete control over your players and lines. You're allowed to set limitations on potential pro gamblers and offer your top bettors exclusive privileges. You also will be able to constantly update bets and lines to portray the most recent and accurate information.

This doesn't mean that we throw you to the web-design wolves. You create these custom possibilities and lines, tell our web development team about them, and watch as we implement them ASAP with no stress.

Sportsbook Development Features

You can then develop your site using the many features that Ace Per Head offers. Some of these support components include:

  • Bitcoin payment options to protect both agent and player privacy and data
  • Automatic updates to prevent site shutdown, lag times, and poor media loading
  • Fully-mobile betting platforms for smartphone accessibility
  • VIP live betting for ongoing sporting events
  • SMS and email alerts when a player places a bet
  • Real-time player watch reports so you can hone in on specific bettors
  • Live Casino that offers over 50 different Casino Games included in the pay per head price
  • Live Premium to get advanced betting features
  • Prop builder with an unlimited amount of player prop betting options
  • The ability to move lines based on your player's specific tendencies
  • A messaging interface to communicate securely with players

In addition to these features, we also offer 24/7 agent support through text, phone, email, and live chat. You'll never be left alone to figure out the answers to your own questions.

Get Started As a Pro Bookie Agent

While becoming a bookie may sound like a challenging process, it's completely within reach assuming that you work with the right online sportsbook provider. Now that you know how to become the bookie that you've always dreamed of being, it's time to invest in the top pay per head services in the sports betting market.

Ace Per Head is committed to helping you create a website and sign on bettors ASAP. That's why we're excited to talk with you about building your custom sportsbook site. Create your PPH package for a six-week free promo of our services so that you can see what we do for our VIP clients.

Become an Independent Bookie

A lot of people want to run a successful sportsbook, but not everyone has what it takes, and even if they have the knowledge, sometimes they fail to offer a competitive service. The reason is simple: the competition is tough, and it is never easy or cheap to run a business.

Our most successful clients breathe and eat sports and statistics, watch all the games, and have a good sense of numbers. These are important skills in this field, but chances are if you're on this site considering pushing your bookie operation to the next level, you already have this lifestyle. That's a great start, but the business side takes a whole lot more – and we can help.

To become a successful bookie in this era, you need to have access to competitive technological tools. We live in times when we carry all our interests in the palm of our hand and we expect access to our favorite sites and services anytime and anywhere, without the need to interrupt our hectic lives with phone calls and text messages to our local bookie.

The problem is that having an online presence and maintaining a functional website is easier said than done for a modest operator building out their sheet. Web development requires a lot of financial and human resources and is a large overhead someone starting a business doesn't want to take on. A website is just one of the necessities to run a sportsbook operation from scratch. Here are some other necessities: reliable sportsbook software that can update and display odds, servers and networking hardware to host and protect your operation, technical personnel to maintain the frontend and backend of the site, staff to help your clients with questions and support, experts to watch and make line moves and to grade completed events, and the list goes on and on and on.

So, what is the easiest way to becoming a bookie without acquiring a huge amount of debt or waiting years for your developers to create the tools you need to even start your business? That is where pay per head services come in. Meet

Pay per head services gives bookies the platform they need to run a competitive business without breaking the bank because we manage all those things for you, at scale, and at a level of performance few achieve. With our platform and the personalized assistance of our team members, you can now compete with the top sportsbooks in the world. You could be the next on our long list of companies use Ace Per Head as their back-office software.

With Ace Per Head, becoming a bookie has never been easier. All that's left is speaking to our staff to pick the right PPH service for you. Check out our free demo and connect with one of our representatives today! You're finally on the right track to become a successful bookie.

To get started with Ace pay per head, just give us a call! (800) 909-5193

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