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Building a Sophisticated Sportsbook Site

Building a Sophisticated Sportsbook Site

Back in the day bookies took action over the phone and wrote out bet slips on paper and manually graded and calculated all bets themselves.

However now you don’t even have to build a sports betting model, you can just use a pay per head provider that will give you a turnkey solution sportsbook site so players can bet directly through there.

These pay-per-head services do all the bookmaking aspects by managing all the lines, updating all the odds up to the second, and posting hundreds of thousands of sports betting options for players to choose and bet on each day. Then once each game concludes they automatically grade all wagers and update all balances up to the second, and players can quickly log into the website to see their current balances and all the history of their wagers.

Ready-to-Use Sportsbook

This type of product allows agents to offer their players a sophisticated sportsbook site, and for a fraction of the cost, it would take to build a site from scratch. Instead of spending millions of dollars on online feeds, servers, and technology to build and make the website functional, bookies can now easily and affordably get a ready-to-use sportsbook right from the pay-per-head provider. The pay-per-head company will do all the behind-the-scenes work and investments to keep the site running efficiently.

The reason why it is so affordable is that these providers only charge a small fixed fee each week, based on how many active players used and bet on the site each week. The fees can vary from company to company, but the average price is around $10 per active player a week and then all wins and losses from the players are handled by the bookie, and 100% of those profits go to the bookie. So even though you pay a low fee, you still get to earn all the profits.

Ace Per Head Has One of the Most Popular Sportsbook Models

One of the highest-ranked pay per head providers in the industry is We are one of the most complete companies in the business because we have more betting options and sharper lines compared to other sites, American English speaking customer service representatives with decades of experience that can be reached 24/7, spend lots of money on technology and servers to make sure their sites are user-friendly, mobile-capable, and never have any downtime.

As a premium pay per head service, we are offering a great price, as low as $3 per active player per week. In addition, we offer numerous pay per head promotions available for new agents, ranging from free week promos, 50% discounted price, discounts on price for paying with crypto, free customized website promos, and site-wide sponsored pools with real cash money prizes.

If you want to get one of the top-ranked pay per head sportsbook models in the industry, at an affordable price, then give Ace Per Head a call to get set up today at 1-800-909-5193.

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