AcePerHead Academy

Player FreePlays

Learn how to view and give your players Free Play so they can make risk free wagers.

You can view the total Free Play given to each player as well as all of their current Free Play balances. It is important to check this screen often when you give your sub agents the right to give Free Play directly to their own players.

Player FreePlays

Temporary Credit

Learn how you can set a credit limit with an expiration date

This is useful midweek if a player has already reached their normal credit limit


Virtual Casino

Learn how to view and set limits in the virtual casino for your players

The odds are in your favor so it is good to raise limits if they are reached so the player has the chance to lose more


Player Analysis

Learn how to check your player's action to see how they are doing based on sport or wager type.

If a player has a high positive hold % in particular wagers or sports we can help you update limits in those areas to protect you.


Min and Max Wager

Learn how to update the wager limits of your players

It is important to set limits that apply to what a player can afford to pay you. A minimum wager of at least $20 is recommended


Add Player

Learn where to go to create new player accounts

Each person you give an account to should receive their own personal account only for them.

Recycling accounts makes their history inaccurate so it is harder to analyze that player.


Credit Limit

Learn where to set your player's credit limits

It is important to set limits for players that you are confident they can afford to pay. It is better to have a player for their lifetime rather than bankrupt someone in a week or risk not getting paid in a timely fashion.


Deleted Wagers

Learn where to see which wagers were deleted for your players by date.

If a player advises they can't find a wager they made it will be listed here. If it is not here that means the player did not properly enter the wager in the first place.

It is important to check this screen to ensure a player or sub agent does not have your account access and is deleting losing wagers prior to settlement.


Live Casino Limits

Learn how to view and set limits in the live casino for your players.

The odds are in your favor so it is good to raise limits if they are reached so the player has the chance to lose more.

You can disable or enable Live Casino access for individual players on this page as well.


The Basics of Ace Per Head

About 87% of gambling enthusiasts place bets online weekly. If you're looking for a steady and stable source of income, you might want to become a bookie and work with other sports enthusiasts.

AcePerHead is excited to help you do that, and we offer educational tools to help you along, too. Read on to learn the ins and outs of AcePerHead Academy online.

Ace Per Head is the top pay-per-head (PPH) sportsbook platform on the market. We help bookies set up custom sites from templates or from scratch. These sites are completely mobile-ready and come with a wide range of user-friendly features.

These features include, but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 customer service for both agents and players
  • Integrated tech that tracks sporting event scores in real time
  • Bet tickers, player watch reports, and SMS notifications
  • Security features like MFA and Bitcoin payments
  • The bottom line is that Ace Per Head helps you set up a fully-managed online sportsbook.

You'll be able to customize the interface as well as your lines and limits. This lets you make your bookie business your own without compromising professional features.

What Is AcePerHead Academy?

Ace Per Head Academy is one of the features that you get when you sign up for one of our packages. It consists of an online series of video tutorials showing you how to use the backend of our software.

You'll be able to follow along and see how to enhance your site experience. You'll learn how to allow players to get free plays, change the minimum and maximum wagers on various events, and determine live casino limits. You'll also gain the ability to analyze players to stop professional gamblers or cheaters from taking advantage of your sportsbook.

One of the most important things you'll learn at Ace Academy is how to add new players to your platform. It serves both basic and advanced purposes so you can go into your bookie business with all the knowledge and tools you need for success.

What Is AcePerHead Academy?

How Can It Enrich Your Sportsbook Experience?

People remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. Ace Academy is made up of video tutorials rather than walls of text. You can follow along and retain more information in the multimedia format.

Because there are diverse offerings for information, you'll also be able to study and understand the things you're having the most trouble with. You'll get tips and tricks for running an effective sportsbook that makes as much money as possible.

The online tutorials are one of the biggest AcePerHead benefits you can take advantage of, so look at them before you set up shop. Go back to them later if you need more tips, too.

What Is AcePerHead Academy?

Become a Bookie With Top-Notch Software

While becoming a bookie can be a challenging endeavor, AcePerHead is here to help you understand and leverage the top bookie tools on the market. Now that you know how it's time to begin setting up your PPH website.

Our experts will help you build and customize a user-friendly, mobile-accessible online platform. Schedule a promo today and get one week of our services free every month for the rest of your bookie business' lifespan.

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