The Way to Know About
the Pay Per Head Industry

Given the premier service, sharp lines, and affordability, Ace Per Head is the perfect option for those bookies looking for a pay per head service.

Benefits of Pay Per Head Service:

If you're considering staking a claim within the sports betting market, you'll need to invest in a PPH platform for bookies. But what is PPH and how can it benefit your budding business? Read on to answer this question and to learn more about the pay per head meaning and its significance.

There are many advantages to using pay per head services, a primary one being that you can more easily manage money.

If you were to go with a traditional subscription service, you wouldn't just be paying more than you need to. You'd also need to allocate funds to keep your website during slow months. This means setting aside money for future payments rather than solely for when others win.

Holding back several thousand dollars from your World Cup winnings makes it more challenging to balance the books. It also gives you fewer funds to reinvest in your bookie business in the future. You'll have difficulty planning ahead financially and the quality of your platform may suffer.

PPH solves this issue because you'll only pay a percentage of what you win at any given time. While you will still need to save funds in case your players win, you aren't going to be out a lot of money simply for keeping your sportsbook running. Cash flow is simpler to understand and you're unlikely to find yourself in a financial hole.

A Fully Custom Website

Assuming that you work with Ace Per Head's experienced PPH experts, you'll have the chance to design your dream website. We offer dozens of beautiful pre-made templates that you can choose from. These templates are designed specifically to engage and entice those who are in a bookie's target audience, so customizing and launching them is highly effective.

While these templates can be fully personalized, we understand that some sports betting aficionados have very specific visions for their website. That's why we're also happy to help you design a webpage 100% from scratch.

If you prefer that, come up with a precise vision for your website before reaching out. We'll tell you what's feasible vs what isn't and come up with a realistic plan for building your site.

Top-Tier Website Features

Your website should also include:

  • Professional web design features to prevent an ameaturish appearance.
  • Automatic score-tracking technology linked to third-party tracking software/sites.
  • Graphic and video content to make the site more palatable to viewers.
  • Sports imagery, brand information, and images that let people know what you're about.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • A place for people to see how much they owe/are owed.
  • Relevent scores on bets that players have already placed displayed prominently on their home page.
  • Automated updates that optimize site speed and performance regularly.
  • Simple contact forms so that bettors can get in touch.
  • An easy navigation system that makes betting simple.

This ensures that people are driven towards your sportsbook rather than competitors. Ace Per Head's educated and experienced professionals can make all of these things happen and more. All you need to do is talk with support about your needs.

Customer Support and Assistance

Customer support is another reason that you need pay per head services. If you were to set up your site alone and work with no assistance, you wouldn't have anywhere to go with your questions. This poses many issues, especially for those that aren't sportsbook design experts.

Ace Per Head offers high-level support features for every bookie that we work with. Our 24/7 call center is always available to you. We're ready to assist with website upgrades, content alterations, navigation changes, and other web design updates.

Our experts will complete these changes quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Your sportsbook will always appeal to modern bettors. This keeps you ahead of the competition by making you look both professional and up-to-date.

Speaking of communication, Ace Per Head's support team also is excited to work with your clients. Traditionally, bookies have to wait by the phone at all hours in case bettors have issues or inquiries. This is exhausting and means that you're always on the clock, so it isn't ideal (especially for someone who's just starting their business).

Engage With Your Passion

Studies show that those who regularly engage with their passion have higher levels of mental well-being. If you're passionate about sports, becoming a bookie agent can boost your overall happiness. It also can make you more engaged with your job so that you perform as well as possible when managing your bookie business.

Additionally, pay per head platforms let you connect with others who share your passion. Bettors tend to be those most interested in sports- after all, they follow them meticulously enough to feel confident placing bets. Your clients immediately have something in common with you so that you can connect and build your brand.

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