Is Being a Bookie Illegal in Connecticut

Connecticut was one of the first states in the New England area to legalize sports betting back in 2021. Many of the other states in the area have since followed suit.

This might lead you to believe that Connecticut would be open to the idea of allowing you to go through the process of becoming a bookie. But the Connecticut sports betting laws are actually on the stricter side.

Thus far, Connecticut has only allowed a few select sportsbook operators to set up shop in the state and take advantage of the legal sports betting the state offers. But other sports betting laws have prevented people like you from starting a Connecticut bookie business.

Find out more about being a bookie in Connecticut and the legalities surrounding it.

Is Becoming a Bookie in Connecticut Legal?

Now that Connecticut sports betting is legal, you might be under the impression that being a bookie in the state will also be legal. But unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While Connecticut has allowed several sportsbook operators to step in and offer legal sports betting, the state has been stingy with its sports gambling licenses. They’ve been hesitant to hand them out to some of the biggest gambling companies in the industry. It’s why you shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that being a bookie in the state won’t be legal, at least for now.

Why Isn’t Being a Bookie in Connecticut Possible?

Being a bookie in Connecticut isn’t legal right now because you need to have a license to offer sports betting in the state. In fact, even non-profit organizations that want to offer people the chance to take part in things like raffles need to get permits from the state prior to doing it.

This shows just how seriously Connecticut takes betting laws as a whole. You probably won’t get the opportunity to become a Connecticut bookie anytime soon because of it.

Will Being a Connecticut Bookie Always Be Illegal?

Working as a bookie in Connecticut might not be legal right now. But that doesn’t mean things will always be this way.

Just like many other states, Connecticut sports betting laws are always changing. This could lead to bookmaking becoming legalized to some degree in the state.

As of now, there isn’t any indication that something like this would be on the table. But you could say the same thing about sports betting just a few years ago. This industry is moving a mile a minute, and it could lead to you being allowed to become a bookie at some point.

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Monitor the Latest Connecticut Sports Betting Laws

If Connecticut sports betting laws permit you to become a bookie in the not-too-distant future, you’ll need to be prepared for it. A price per head service like Ace Per Head can set you up with everything you’ll need as you work toward becoming a bookie.

Our state-of-the-art sports betting software will help you become a bookie in no time. Start learning more about it today so that you’re ready to go if and when the time comes.

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