Is Being a Bookie Illegal in Colorado?

Colorado is known as a liberal state, so it often legalizes things that are unavailable in many other places. But what about sports betting?

If you’re a Colorado resident and want to become a bookie, it’s best to understand how Colorado sports betting laws work. Fortunately, several options exist for aspiring bookies in this state, but you’ll need to go through a few steps before starting.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the Colorado gambling laws and what you can do to start your bookie business. Ace Per Head is here to help you, so read on for more information.

Is Colorado Sports Betting Legal?

According to Colorado’s sports betting rules and regulations, sports betting is legal as of 2020. However, the only legal way to bet on sports is by using a licensed operator that’s partnered with a casino.

When a player bets in Colorado, they’ll have access to all of the regular sports betting features that other platforms have. Because of this, the state can provide several opportunities to bookies who want to earn more money.

Can You Become a Bookie?

Since Colorado gambling laws require sports betting operators to have licenses, the only legal way to become a bookie is by applying for one. When doing so, you’ll need to fill out an application form and provide a copy of your identification.

To avoid legal trouble, it’s best to get a license before creating a sports betting website. While you can set up its foundation, avoid making the site public until you have permission to operate your business.

Benefits of Bookmaking

Being a bookie, regardless of the state you live in, offers numerous benefits that’ll improve your quality of life. When becoming a Colorado bookie, you can expect to earn more money and have more time to do other things than you would with a traditional job.

Here is some more information about the main benefits:

Passive Income

Bookmaking is a business, so you can expect to earn passive income after launching your platform. Whenever players place bets, you’ll earn money.

Yet, unlike other businesses, the job doesn’t require much effort. By outsourcing various tasks to a sportsbook software provider like Ace Per Head, you can ensure the platform runs flawlessly without wasting your time.

Be Your Own Boss

Another benefit of being a bookie is having the ability to be your own boss. A sportsbook provider will limit the options you have depending on how much you pay, but you’ll have complete control over your platform. You can choose what goes on the site, and you’ll only have to work as much as you want.

The Basics of AcePerHead Service

AcePerHead is a fully-managed bookie software service. This means that you pay a monthly fee for experts to constantly monitor, update, and upgrade your website.

Your single fee covers security features, payment methods, and trend monitoring to ensure that you don’t have downtime. It also includes constant support for both agents and players.

When you invest in fully-managed technology, you don’t need to pay multiple bills for different features or hire people to manage your website for you. It’s easy and efficient.

Features and Support

When you use AcePerHead, you’ll get access to a huge range of basic features like:

  • Updates to keep the site working
  • In-app chat for agents and players to communicate
  • 24/7 customer service from our team
  • MFA, firewalls, and other security features
  • Simple Bitcoin payment methods
  • Security monitoring

You also will get sportsbook-specific features, including:

  • Bet tickers
  • SMS alert when someone places a wager
  • Player watch reports
  • Integrated sports score tracking
  • Live dealer casino games
  • Live sports betting in real time
  • Automatic payouts
  • Professionally-constructed lines and odds
  • Customizable lines, limits, and players

You also won’t need to worry about getting licensing to operate and paying hefty fees to be a legal bookie. Ace Per Head has already taken care of these annoying technicalities so that you can just set up your site and start making bank.

Why Use a Pay-Per-Head Model?

Lots of sports betting software uses a subscription payment model. Usually, your bookie business would pay a flat fee each month in exchange for sportsbook services.

Unfortunately, this can cost more than it’s worth during the off-season when you don’t have a lot of bettors. It’s also not ideal for small-time bookies looking for a profitable side gig.

Luckily, AcePerHead software uses a pay per head (PPH) subscription model. You pay about $10 per player that has active bets with you during a monthly payment period.

If you only have 10 players during the off-season, you’ll only need to pay around $100 to stay in operation. This is true even if you have 1000 players during super bowl season (and had to pay $10,000 then).

Generally speaking, if your players all place $100 bets, you’ll be shelling out about 10% of what you make. It’s a great way to stay scalable, flexible, and consistently profitable.

Get Started With Legit Bookie Software

Now that you know the ins and outs of the best pay per head service, it’s time to begin setting up a profitable sportsbook. Our professionals are excited to discuss your specific needs and work with you to set up an appealing bookie website. Start your 6-week free promo to see how we can help you grow.

Are You Ready to Become a Bookie?

The Colorado sports betting industry is constantly growing, so you should get involved fast if you want to start a successful bookie business. When you’re ready, reach out to Ace Per Head, and we’ll assist you with building your platform.

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