States Where Being a Bookie is Legal

It wasn’t all that long ago that sports betting was illegal in every state throughout the country. But over the last few years, about half the states in the U.S. have legalized betting on sports.

Legal sports betting has turned the betting industry as a whole on its head. Now that betting on sports is legal, there is so much more money to be made by those who can provide bookmaking services.

Do you have an interest in becoming a bookie? Before you begin your bookmaker career, you’ll want to make sure working as a bookie is legal. Learn more below.

Where Is It Legal to Work as a Bookie?

Although sports betting has been legalized in many pockets of the country, working as a bookie will still be illegal in a lot of them. For this reason, it would be worth looking up the specific bookmaking laws that exist in your state before moving forward with your bookmaking business.

Some states, like Florida, have more relaxed bookmaking laws. But others continue to outlaw bookmaking altogether and don’t seem interested in changing their laws anytime soon.

You may want to speak directly with an attorney in your area to assess your local bookmaker laws to see how they might impact your business.


  • Alabama: Not legal.
  • Alaska: Not legal.
  • Arizona: Legal.
  • Arkansas: Legal.
  • California: Not legal.
  • Colorado: Legal.
  • Connecticut: Legal.
  • Delaware: Legal.
  • Florida: It’s complicated. Sports betting was temporarily approved and legal, but now it is awaiting another launch due to legal issues.
  • Georgia: Not legal
  • Hawaii: Not legal.
  • Idaho: Not legal.
  • Illinois: Legal.
  • Indiana: Legal.
  • Iowa: Legal.
  • Kansas: Legal.
  • Kentucky: Not legal, but legislation proposed.
  • Louisiana: Legal.
  • Maine: Not legal, but legislation proposed.
  • Maryland: Legal
  • Massachusetts: Ready to launch
  • Michigan: Legal.
  • Minnesota: Not legal.
  • Mississippi: Legal.
  • Missouri: Not legal, but legislation proposed.
  • Montana: Legal.
  • Nebraska: Legal.
  • Nevada: Legal.
  • New Hampshire: Legal.
  • New Jersey: Legal.
  • New Mexico: Legal.
  • New York: Legal.
  • North Carolina: Legal.
  • North Dakota: Not legal, but legislation proposed.
  • Ohio: Legal.
  • Oklahoma: Legal.
  • Oregon: Legal.
  • Pennsylvania: Legal.
  • Rhode Island: Legal.
  • South Carolina: Not legal, but legislation proposed.
  • South Dakota: In the 2020 election, South Dakota approved sports betting.
  • Tennessee: Legal.
  • Texas: Not legal.
  • Utah: Not legal.
  • Vermont: Not legal, but legislation proposed.
  • Virginia: Legal.
  • Washington: Legal.
  • Washington D.C.: Legal.
  • West Virginia: Legal.
  • Wisconsin: Retail authorized.
  • Wyoming: Legal.

What Will You Need to Work as a Bookie?

If you do your homework and find that you can become a bookie in your state, you will need to get your hands on the right tools to get started. Pay-per-head bookie software will be a necessity to get your operation off the ground.

Sports betting software will provide you with everything you’ll need to cater to your clients. From a custom website to customer service representatives, you’ll get access to the various things it’ll take to keep your clients happy.

Is Becoming a Bookie Profitable?

If you’re going to roll the dice and try to become a successful bookie in your state, you’ll need to work to put yourself in the best position to do it. This will start with you investing in pay-per-head bookie software from a company like Ace Per Head.

You’ll also need to learn how to market your bookmaking services within your state so that you can attract new clients. Additionally, it’ll be important for you to keep accurate records so that you’re able to keep the profits coming in.

Look Into Becoming a Bookie in Your State

Prior to purchasing pay per head bookie software and getting your bookmaking business going, you should do research on the bookmaking laws in your state. It’ll help you figure out the legal ramifications of working as your bookie in your area.

From there, you should explore using Ace Per Head‘s pay-per-head bookie software to take your bookmaking operation to the next level. It’ll make it possible for you to carve out a successful bookmaking career.

Discover more about the bookmaking software that we can extend to you to help you begin bringing in more clients.