Is Being a Bookie Illegal in Alabama

2022 was the first year in which gambling revenue exceeded $60 billion in the US, allowing bookies around the country to earn large profits.

When becoming a bookie in the US, one must navigate various laws to avoid legal repercussions like fines and jail time. Alabama is no different from any other state as it has several sports betting laws that can prevent a bookie from establishing themselves.

But is being a bookie illegal in Alabama?

AcePerHead put together this guide to help anyone who wants to get involved with sports betting in Alabama.

Read on to get all the information you need!

Is Being a Bookie Illegal in Alabama?

Unfortunately, Alabama has some of the strictest laws surrounding sports betting, which can prevent a bookie from finding success in the state.

As of March 2023, general sports betting is illegal in the state of Alabama. However, Mississippi and Tennessee, two bordering states, have legalized it. This may make it easier to pressure Alabama legislators into legalizing sports betting soon.

Currently, the only form of legal sports betting involves horse racing, though there aren’t any live options. If a bookie wants to legally offer sports betting services to Alabama residents, this is their only option.

How to Legally Become a Bookie

If you’re an Alabama resident who wants to legally become a bookie, the process can be complicated. However, if you’re willing to relocate, you’ll make things easier and prevent yourself from getting into legal trouble.

Use AcePerHead

After relocating, the next thing to do is start working with AcePerHead. As a new bookie, AcePerHead will help you create your platform and attract players with various tools.

Unlike many other sportsbook providers, AcePerHead uses a pay-per-head payment model, which lets you save money. Instead of paying large flat rates to use AcePerHead’s services, you’ll only pay for the number of active players you have.

Thanks to pay-per-head, bookies with smaller player bases will pay less than bookies with larger player bases. You’ll begin to pay more as you gain players, but you’ll also increase your revenue.

24/7 Pay Per Head Service:

If you want to run a successful sports betting shop, you aren’t going to be able to get away with only being available during business hours. There are just about always sporting events taking place on some part of the planet, which means your betting shop is going to need to be a 24/7 operation.

But thankfully, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to be accessible 24/7 yourself. You can avoid having this be the case by relying on a 24/7 PPH service to help you.

So, what exactly is a 24/7 pay per head service going to do to ensure your bookie platform is always open for business? Here is what you need to know about how a pay per head service works.

1. Uses Bookie Software to Set You Up With a Website

In the old days, bookies used to have to stay glued to their telephones so that they could take sports bets from bettors. But those days are long gone.

In 2023, a 24/7 pay-per-head service will be able to provide you with bookie software that can put you in a position to create a website for your clients. They’ll be able to place bets through this site at any time of the day or night without having to contact you directly.

Pay-per-head services like Ace Per Head can deliver the bookie software solutions you’ll need and even customize a website for you so that it looks like whatever you’d like and offers your preferred sports betting options.

2. Updates Your Website With the Latest Sports Betting Lines

Sports betting lines are just about always changing. They’ll move up and down as a result of everything from the weather in a certain city to the way in which sports bettors are betting on a particular sporting event.

Once upon a time, that meant that sports bookies had to manually adjust their betting lines on their own. But this is no longer the case thanks to sportsbook software.

The software that a 24/7 pay-per-head service can offer to you will automatically adjust betting lines for your clients. It’ll be one less thing you need to worry about while running a betting shop.

3. Provides You and Your Clients With 24/7 Customer Service

There might be times when you or your clients have questions about your bookie platform. Ace Per Head will provide you with 24/7 customer service so that you can get these questions answered quickly.

You’ll appreciate being able to touch base with an English-speaking customer service representative who can give you the answers you’re looking for. You’ll also appreciate that your clients can have their questions answered without having to call or text you at all times of the day and night.

4. Allow Us to Serve as Your 24/7 Bookie Business

It’s going to be very challenging to run a sports betting shop these days without relying on a 24/7 pay per head service. Ace Per Head can set you up with the best bookie software you need for as little as just $3 per head.

Discover more about how our price per head sportsbook platform works and consider taking advantage of the 6-week free promo that we have available at this time.

Getting Ready Now

As this state has been closed off to betting for so long, we expect there to be a flurry of activity once the industry is legalized. That said it’s smart to prepare ahead of time as much as possible. 

As gambling activity is currently unregulated throughout the state, many power players in the fantasy sports industry have already expanded their services to include Georgia residents, mostly by offering services through mobile apps. 

How can you make sure your sportsbook business competes with all of the other licensed and regulated sportsbooks? The best way is to invest now in sportsbook software that makes the process easy. With a program like Ace Per Head, you can rest assured that your site will be sleek, user-friendly, and secure.

Stay Informed to Succeed as a Bookie

Although Alabama doesn’t give much room for success to bookies, you should pay attention to the legislature to capitalize on sports betting if it’s legalized. This will help you set up your platform in the state before others, allowing you to earn more money.

Is being a bookie illegal? No, but you need to be in the right place. If you have any questions, AcePerHead’s experts will assist you.

Check out our FAQ to learn more about the basics of AcePerHead before starting your journey as a bookie.