Is Being a Bookie Illegal in Georgia?

Is Being a Bookie Illegal in Georgia

If you’re one of the around 10.8 million people living in Georgia, you likely are curious about the gambling laws in your area. This is especially true if you’re considering becoming a legal Georgia bookmaker and working with bettors near you.

If this describes, you, you likely have wondered: is being a bookie illegal in the Peach State? Read on to answer this question.

Are Bookies Illegal in Georgia?

Unfortunately, there are no legal options for sports betting in Georgia. In fact, it is currently one of the least-friendly gambling states as of 2022. Those caught gambling within the state can receive up to 5 years in prison, a $20,000 fine, or both.

However, there has been some legislation recently to legalize sports betting in Peach State. In 2020 and 2021, Georgia lawmakers were faced with legislation to legalize sports betting and casino gaming. This same legislation was on the table in 2022.

Sadly, this was only brought up at the last minute in Georgia General Assembly sessions. The push was ignored. There will be no chance to revisit it until 2023 when sessions resume.

If the bill is passed during these 2023 sessions, sports betting would still be illegal until late 2023 or 2024. It also is possible that they will once again fail to push the legislation into law in 2023. This means that there is no projected future for Georgia’s would-be bookies.

Legal Sports Betting Georgia

Is There Hope of Online Betting Legalization?

The current statehouse is filled with entrenched anti-gambling sentiment. This holds Georgia back from changing its gambling laws. However, with midterm elections coming up, they may have a chance to allow legal online betting if they elect new officials.

This would be great because at least 57% of Georgia residents support legal sports betting. If these people are able to elect new officials, it may be possible to pass the legislation during the 2023 Georgia General Assembly sessions.

Why Should Georgia Legalize Bookie Business Betting?

States that legalize sports betting benefit financially. Some states that legalized gambling quickly turned millions. For example, New Jersey collected over $250 million in a single year from legal gambling revenue.

Similarly, there would be high tax impositions on legal Georgia bookmaker services. Earnings are often taxed at 25% or higher. If Georgia were to legalize betting, the state could turn a huge profit.

Additionally, since support for online sports betting legalization is high, passing gambling legislation would give the people what they want. Because of these logical benefits, it’s possible that Georgia policymakers might pass new laws in the future.

The global sports betting market has an annual growth rate of over 10%.

There’s no sign that sports betting will slow down soon, so now is a great time to become a bookie. Becoming one can not only provide you with a significant income, but you can also have more leisure time.

However, the first challenge you’ll face is finding decent bookie software.

This software review will teach you all about AcePerHead, a leading bookie software provider. You’ll then have the info you need to succeed in sports betting.

Why ?

AcePerHead is a sports betting company with over 20 years of experience that provides software to bookies.

With AcePerHead software, you can create a betting platform with several bookie tools. If you already have one, you can switch to AcePerHead within 10 minutes.

The model that AcePerHead uses is pay-per-head (PPH), which involves paying for each player that actively uses your platform. AcePerHead charges bookies $10 per player weekly. With PPH, if you have 5 active players, you’ll pay $50 per week.

AcePerHead Services

AcePerHead’s team can help you become a bookie by providing several services included in their software. For example, AcePerHead offers website templates to new bookies that allow them to start their platforms immediately.

Here are some of the primary services we provide:

1. Sportsbook

Many bookies rely on sports betting to earn their money. With AcePerHead bookie software, you can let players bet on various sports, such as basketball, baseball, hockey, and football.

You can also view info about wagers and player accounts. When a player is due winnings, this will ensure they receive the correct amount.

2. Casino Games

Aside from sports betting, AcePerHead bookie software lets bookies offer casino games on their platforms. These benefit bookies because they create extra streams of revenue. It also encourages players to stay on the platform because they can use the same balance they use for sports betting.

Popular casino games that AcePerHead supports include blackjack, poker, and slots. When setting up your platform, you can choose the games you want to offer.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

An essential part of a bookie business is customer support. Instead of hiring employees, you can outsource customer support to AcePerHeadthere’s a team of trained professionals ready to assist your players.

Ace Per Head’s 24/7 customer support service ensures your players are satisfied with their experiences on the platform. Whenever they have an issue, they can contact a support rep that speaks their native language in minutes.

As a bookie, this will significantly reduce your overhead costs as customer support is included in the pay-per-head fees.

Your Bookie Business in 5 Minutes

After reading this pay per head software review, you can start and grow a bookie business.

Before becoming a bookie, consider the features you want on your platform. From there, AcePerHead can help you create a package that suits your needs.

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Learn More About Setting Up a Sportsbook

While your bookie business can’t operate legally in Georgia, passionate individuals may want to prepare for future bookmaking possibilities. New legislation can always pass. If you’re especially committed to starting a bookie business, you also could move to Tennessee, a neighboring state with legal online sports betting.

Check out Ace Per Head’s six-week free pay per head demo to see what we can do for you. If sports betting ever becomes legal in the Peach State or if you want to move, we’ve got your back.