Free Bookie Software

If you’ve been running your sportsbook with a series of envelopes and cash, with your cell phone constantly ringing or buzzing, it is time to bring your clientele into the modern era by incorporating the World Wide Web. If you set up your website to run your sportsbook and things are growing to the point where you are spending more time managing the website than you are enjoying your profits, it’s time to outsource your Internet operation.

There are many pay-per-head companies out there looking to serve companies like you, and that competition means that you have many suitors willing to give you free bookie software so that you can gauge for yourself whether the service is the right one for your business.

Can You Get Bookie Software for Free?

Like any situation that sounds “too good to be true,” the possibility of getting free online bookie software indefinitely is not a deal that you will find anywhere reputable. However, you can get a free trial from all of the reputable companies out there. Some companies offer a week; others offer a month; Ace Per Head offers six weeks free. The purpose of this is to give you time to get accustomed to how the pay per head provider works and to let your clientele get comfortable with the features as well.

What do I Get to use During the Free Period?

If the company is serious about winning your business, it will give you access to all of its features, both at and above the basic level. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect.

1. Round-the-clock Access to your Website Package

This means that you get the same access and the same features that you could expect if you were a paid member. You get to set up all of the games, matches, and betting props that your package offers. You get to adjust the lines whenever you want to. You set betting limits, credit limits, and other parameters for your players to use. You get to see just how user-friendly the system is and whether it will suit your needs.

2. The choice of Sports that you Offer your Players

There are some times of the sporting year when this decision is a no-brainer. During the fall, including Major League Baseball, the NFL, and college football is a no-brainer. However, what about the time between the Super Bowl and the men’s college basketball tournament? What about the time between the hoisting of the Stanley Cup and the start of the football season? Virtual sports play is often a possibility, as is the growing world of eSports. You make these decisions; make sure that you research the lines so that you don’t lose so much money that your free bookmaker software fails to be a good deal.

3. Real-Time Access to Overall Records, Player Activities, and Other Information

Track all of the action that your players are enjoying as they place their bets, as the results come in, and as they turn into winners or losers. You can evaluate the wisdom of your choices when it comes to maximum wins per type of wager, as well as your rules about teaser and parlay bets. Instead of having to respond to a barrage of calls or text messages to place bets, you can watch as your clients place their bets on your website. This is a great time to see what your free bookie software can do for you before committing to a paid contract.

Bookie Software Facts

Access to free bookie software also allows you to consider the quality of the website’s operations. You do not want to sign a long-term contract with a website that crashes periodically. Consider the action that was flowing on the Buccaneers’ chances to win the NFC South—or even the Super Bowl—once the news came down that the team had inked longtime New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to a deal. If you had been offering NFL futures wagers but your pay-per-head site had happened to crash under the weight of that action, you (and your clients) would be frustrated. Clients who are frustrated become former clients in a hurry because there is plenty of competition out there.

With free bookie software, you also get a chance to see how responsive the customer service is on the site you are trying out. When you send in a request for help, how quickly does the company answer your email? How long are you on hold waiting for a representative to come to the phone or into the live chat? Are your questions answered quickly (and cheerfully)? Do the representatives who are helping you have the expertise that they need to answer your questions? Is the phone connection with the representative clear, or are you having to talk to someone through the haze of an ancient VoIP line? These are all factors that you should consider.

While you’re going through your free sportsbook software trial phase promo, you should also seek out detailed reviews about the service you are using.

  • What do other bookmakers have to say about the service?
  • How long has the service been in business?
  • What do bookmakers whose operations seem comparable to yours in size say about the service?

Understanding the perspectives that others have on the system you are trying out can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that have frustrated others.

Starting—or modernizing—a Sportsbook is an Exciting Transition.

A business that was once a real timesuck for you can now become much more streamlined and much more user-friendly, both for you as well as for your clients. Convenience, ease of use, and security are the top three traits you can build in your sportsbook, and choosing the right pay per head bookie software can make all the difference.

AcePerHead Full Review Service

One of the top-ranked pay per head bookie services in the world is AcePerHead. They have been in the business for over 25 years, offering bookies and agents access to their free bookie software and lines for them to book action from people they know, earning them small fortunes in the process.

They offer a turnkey solution with all the bells and whistles so that bookies can offer the most complete sportsbook and online casino. They have more betting options than other PPH bookie sites, and they also have extra features such as two dynamic free live betting platforms that offer live betting options on all sports, 100s of live betting options per game, and a live TV feature so players can watch and bet the game right from their computer or mobile phone. 

In addition, they have a prop builder feature that allows players to customize their player props, parlay player props, and have an unlimited amount of overall player props to bet on. Free bookie software also offers a virtual casino and a live casino with a web camera of real-life dealing to give the player the feeling that they are actually at the casino. And if players like to bet on horses, they have tracks from all over the world that can be wagered on.

Just having all these betting options on one website makes Ace one of the most complete free bookie software sites for successful betting agents in the world.

Leads the Industry in Customer Service Reliability and Website Performance

Not only does Ace check all the boxes for product offerings, but they are known for their outstanding free bookie software customer service. For starters, they are available 24/7 by phone, text, live chat, and email. Text is by far the most common way people communicate nowadays, so having a company where you can text 24/7 and get responses back in real-time in seconds is a significant benefit to customers.

You can text AcePerHead any type of request, such as limit changes, analysis on players, advice on how to run one’s bookie business, or tips on how to grow your business. Not only do they do what you ask right away, but they often have many helpful suggestions that can be used to help you run an even more profitable book.

In addition, they have a mobile site that has a slick bet slip where players can bet with fewer clicks than any other site in the world. This is key for the new generation of bettors that are making wagers from their smartphones, are always on the go, and need to make a bet as fast as possible with as little clicking of tabs as possible.

There are also options to change the color scheme on the player site and even change the layout to a different style of wagering layout, which just gives each player the choice to select the option they are most comfortable with. Different player site layouts are a nice selling point for bookies to offer bettors since not every bettor likes the same layout. 

There are a lot of free bookie software services available in the current market. Still, there is only one, like Ace, that has the most wagering options and extra features, the most helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives, and multiple betting layout options.

Choose quality PPH software that has the confidence to give you an extended 6-week free promo so that you can build trust with the service and sell your clients on that trust.