Pay Per Head Call Center

In this era where people prefer to text and do everything online themselves do you need a price per head call center? The short answer is: yes.

As a bookie, one of the reasons you are probably looking to go for a pay-per-head service is because your business has grown and you want to give your clients more options, have a professional image, and simplify your operation.

Serious pay per head companies provide you with a turnkey solution that satisfies your business needs, among these options is the use of call center services.

Advantages of Having Pay Per Head Call Centers:

Pay per head call centers continue to be a necessity for every bookie, and you probably already know this if you are currently running your operation manually.

There are many reasons to consider offering this service to your clients:

  1. Contrary to what you may think, many people would much rather place a phone call and speak to a clerk than have to log into a website and take their time to figure out what they need.
  2. Pay per Head call centers offer exclusive 800 numbers for your clients which makes it free for them to call in any time they want.
  3. Having a pay per head call center gives your customers a sense of confidence and trust that if they are experiencing any problem they can call
  4. In many cases, clients prefer not to use the online betting system, the internet makes many people feel nervous, yes, still in 2022.
  5. There are many times when your clients may experience technical problems, and having a call center is an excellent backup tool.
  6. Having more options for your clients to place bets is always good for your business.
  7. Call Centers don’t just have clerks taking bets, they also have customer service agents who take care of your clients’ needs.
  8. Calls are monitored and recorded to handle claims and verify quality control.
  9. Save time and money by having capable people attending to your client’s requests.
  10. Many people prefer placing bets over the phone simply because it is faster, especially in the case of clients that place multiple bets.

It is important that if you are looking for a pay per head service that offers call center support for your business you make sure to test the service yourself, make sure the staff is knowledgeable, that their English is clear and they are properly trained to handle angry customers and difficult calls., for example, is known for the excellent teams they have, are well trained, and offer excellent customer support.

Dealing with a professional pay per head call center will certainly help you focus on growing your business without having to worry about taking calls from your clients with questions or simply because they can’t get online.

When you work with a company like you have the opportunity to choose whether you want to use the call center service or not.  It’s up to you.

You know your clients better than anyone, so having the call center option available for them is always a plus.

Call we all agree that technology is slowly dehumanizing us; we are losing the art of conversation and not just that, businesses, are becoming disconnected from their clients which decreases customer loyalty and profitability.

Why Having a Call Center is Still Relevant?

PPH Call Center

Call we all agree that technology is slowly dehumanizing us; we are losing the art of conversation and not just that, businesses, are becoming disconnected from their clients which decreases customer loyalty and profitability.

I agree that big data has somewhat mitigated this, being able to extract valuable behavioral information on client preferences facilitates decision-making and points the way to the direction where the business should move, however, automation has cost companies billions of dollars over the years.

At, customer satisfaction is paramount which is why they kept their pay per head call center alive and continue to improve it. As a customer, when you have a problem or an inquiry, the best way to deal with it is to talk to an expert who can help resolve your issue.

A growing trend among the pay per head community is to automate and digitalize everything, while I agree this helps improve efficiency and lowers cost, it creates a gaping hole in customer support, and happy customers is ultimately the goal of every company.

Some would argue that live chats, emails, and FAQs are sufficient to provide good customer service. I’ve been on both sides of the aisle, as a business owner I agree that live chat and emails improve efficiency while lowering overhead costs. This is the reason why, a single customer support agent can handle up to 3 chats at one time and still meet the established service metrics, you cannot have 3 different phone conversations at once.

However, to consistently meet service metrics, customer service reps must rely on canned responses, yes, it is true people are predictable and tend to ask the same questions over and over, but, when you are the customer and you receive a canned response to your question you cannot help but feel disappointed regardless of whether the answer is helpful or not.

American-English Speaking Staff

The pay per head call center at Ace Per Head is staffed with American-speaking clerks who are dedicated to providing the best customer care there is, so whether they are helping you the agent to set up a package, edit limits, confirm your payment, etc., or they are assisting one of your players the service level is simply unrivaled.

We all need to feel special and to create a bond with the people we interact with, chatting or emailing is not the best way to do either. When you have a conversation with a real human you can establish trust a lot faster. When it comes to doing business offshore, there is always that hesitation of will turn out to be a scam or a total service fiasco that will cost my business dearly.

Human interaction is still relevant in today’s business scene, direct conversation has proven to increase problem resolution and thus increase client satisfaction, the management of Ace Per Head understands and values this because they are not only great bookies they are outstanding business owners, the kind of outfit you want to be associated with.

Contact Ace Per Head and take advantage of the six-week free that will give you the perfect chance to test their services.