Sports Betting Software Provider

Sports gamblers are a particular breed of humans, recent studies have determined that nearly half of the adult human population will have difficulty passing up a chance to bet, further studies performed by Cambridge University, have concluded that even when individuals lose their bets, they still obtain a certain level of satisfaction that prompts them to continue gambling. In other words, gambling activates the pleasure center of these individuals and therefore they will continue to bet time and again.

What are the Advantages

Bookies understand this, and therefore know that line management and market offerings are only part of the equation in the gambling industry, the biggest part is player interaction and marketing. This is why  the leader in sports betting software providers is not just limiting their services to licensing the platform but has in fact evolved into turnkey sports betting solutions.

What Does This Mean?

Well, it simply means that aside from offering the best betting platform, they provide a suite of other services for the same price. These services include, a fully integrated betting platform that can be accessed from any computer, handheld devise or through their call center; in addition, they offer professional customer service to your players, risk management, full spectrum agent backend, and reporting, which allows you to have complete visibility of your business.

As a sports betting software provider, can free up your time so you can focus on the most important aspect of your business, your clients. By having a complete staff of seasoned professionals handling the day-to-day operation, you no longer have to worry about setting up game schedules, putting up and managing lines, etc. All of this is handled by AcePerHead.

Will all that free time you can now concentrate on marketing, and building a relationship with your clients, after all, word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to grow a reputation, whether it be a good or a bad one. And with the help of Ace, you can rest assured your player’s reviews will be great.

Building a positive relationship with your players, regardless of how many you have, will have a direct impact on your profits. It is well known that people like to feel special, and if you dedicate time and effort to your players they will respond in kind, on the one hand, they will become loyal to you and not seek another bookie to bet with. By gaining their trust, they will feel at ease knowing that they will get paid when they win, which ironically will incentivize them to wager even more, which increases their chances of losing. Now, you don’t want your player to lose all the time, regardless of what the findings of the studies at Cambridge say, there is a breaking point at which losing no longer becomes enjoyable.

Another advantage of a turnkey sports betting solution is the reduction in overall costs when you sign up with, you get an unprecedented 6-week free promo, and after that, your cost could be as little as $3 per player. But, act now, the free trial is only available for a limited time!