Set Sports Betting Site

The year is coming to an end, and it’s inevitable to not look back on what we have accomplished during this year and to start thinking about our goals for 2022.

Become an Independent Bookie

Most of us set financial goals at the beginning of each year, and sadly most of us never reach them. This coming year, give yourself a break and draw an actual plan that can provide you with the financial stability you always wanted.

If you are passionate about sports, it’s time you set up your sports betting site, and I’m here to tell you how.

The process is easy, inexpensive, and most of all fun. All you need is a few players which you can easily get from your workplace, local sports bar, and of course your friends. Once you have a few guys lined up here is what you do:

  1. Register at .

The process will not take you more than 30 seconds, even if you are a slow typer like me. You won’t have to give too much personal information to get started, and you can have your account ready in as little as 15 minutes after registering.

  1. Let the Experts Know What You Need

Within minutes of registering to become a bookie agent with, one of their representatives will contact you. When they do, they will ask a few simple questions, including:

  • How many players’ accounts do you need, you don’t need to provide any personal information about your players
  • What will their wager limits be, you can set minimums and maximums, and even set a maximum payout on a wager. This way you can cap your potential loses
  • The line type you will be offering your players; most agents opt for the default 10-cent line, but if you wish to provide your clients reduced juice you can certainly ask for that.
  • The types of products your bettors will have access to, you can choose to offer all products which include sports wagering, horse racing, virtual casino games, and live dealer casino games. Live wagering is provided as part of the sportsbook but, if your players are real fans of this product you can upgrade to the VIP package which offers more games for a small additional price
Start a Bookie Site
  1. Decide if you want a proprietary website

Ace Per Head gives you a choice to use their non-descript default shared website where your clients can log in to their accounts. Or set up your own sports betting site; if you choose this option, their design team will create a proprietary website with your chosen domain name, preferred color scheme, and contact information at an incredibly affordable price.

  1. Ask about the free trial promotion

One of the things I love best about this pay per head company is they give you a chance to try out the service at no cost for a few weeks. The standard free trial in the industry if you are offered one is 2 weeks, but I’ve seen offer a 6-weeks free promo, you can’t get a better deal than that anywhere.

  1. Start Making Money

Once your pay per head package has been created, you are ready to start taking wagers and making your financial dreams come true.

Earning money online has never been so easy or convenient, why not give yourself a break this new year and accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions for once?!