If you are looking to make money online for doing something that you have no experience in doing, then there is a specific type of business that might just be perfect for you. It’s hard enough to make money online, and even harder if you are just a beginner in a specific online industry, however being an online bookie is something a person can be successful with and not need any experience doing.

Being a bookie means that you would be accepting wagers for various sporting events, and whatever the player bet, you as the bookie would just need the opposite team they are playing to win. For example, if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are -6.5 against the Green Bay Packers and a player bet the Bucs -6.5 then they would need the Bucs to win the game by 7 points or more for them to win that wager. The bookie in this example would need either the Packers to win the game or for the Packers to lose the game by 6 points or less. 

In addition, on each wager, there is a vig or juice, which just simply means a fee that the player has to pay on each wager he makes that gets charged if the player loses the wager. The typical juice is -110 or 10% but it can vary based on how the lines move and action on the game is going. So for example a player betting the Bucs -6.5 -110, will need to risk $110 to win $100.  If the player loses the bet he will lose the full amount of $110 but if he wins the bet he will only get paid by the bookie $100.  

The juice gives the bookie extra income on each wager lost by the player and adds to the overall house percentage advantage. This basically means the player would need to win over 60% of their wagers just to break even, and in the world of betting most gamblers can’t even win 50% of the time.  This all leads to bookies earning large long-term profits from accepting action on sports.

Service Available for New Bookies

Business for Bookies

The reason why even beginners with no experience booking action on sports can earn money online from doing this is that there is an entire industry that caters to and provides a sportsbook website for bookies to offer to their players. These services are called pay per head and they provide bookies with an all-inclusive sportsbook site where they update all lines up to the second and post thousands of betting options each day. They also grade all wagers and update all balances into each player and agent bookie account.  All the technical bookmaking aspects are handled directly by the pay per head provider, which means they do all the work for the bookies and as the bookie, you can ask them any question you may have. 

So it’s basically like you have a partner that does all the work for you, and all you do as the bookie is just pay and collect when people win or lose and you get to keep all the profits from that since the pay-per-head provider doesn’t take any commissions. They only charge is as low as $3 per active player a week fee only if the player actually bets that week.  This allows you as the bookie to earn the most money possible but still lean on the service to help you, and do all the work.  This is why this online business is perfect for beginners.

If you want to earn a lot of money online, and have little to no experience in the business, then being an online bookie is the most profitable option available.