Who Is the Favorite to Win the Premier League 2024

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. This should come as no surprise because of the passion, fierce competition, and cultural elements surrounding each adrenaline-pumping event.

The Premier League 2024 is one of the biggest sporting seasons of the year, and as a bookie, it’s important to be prepared. Read on to learn the favorites that people will be betting on soon.

Manchester City: The #1 Frontrunners

OPTA analysts predict that Manchester City’s soccer team has the highest chance of winning the Premier League 2024 season. As of March 10th, experts say that they have a 45.9% chance of winning. While this is a 5.5% decrease from March 5th, it’s still well above any other pick.

Currently, they have not been beaten once during their past 20 games. Two of these games have been draws, but most were overwhelming victories. They also have won five straight fixtures in all competitions.

If the past is any indication of the future, banking on them is a good bet!

Other Favorite Picks to Know About

Liverpool is the second favorite that sports betting agents should offer betting on. They’re currently given a 35.5% chance of winning. This is over 10% lower than Manchester City, but it’s nearly 20% higher than the third favorite pick, Arsenal (18.8%).

Liverpool has only lost once since September 2023. They’re consistently strong and won the 2019-2020 Premier League to boot. Since they’re the only ones besides Manchester City to win the League during the past six seasons, they’re an automatic favorite.

Arsenal also shouldn’t be overlooked when contemplating championship odds. They’re a much longer shot than their competitors and have a difficult schedule. However, their amazing records in recent weeks still make them a team to watch.

Offering Odds, Lines, and More

To turn a profit as a soccer bookie, it’s important that you determine odds with professional tools and predictions from expert analysts. It’s also critical that you enlist an Ace Per Head oddsmaker to help you set competitive lines that turn you a profit.

Favorites are more likely to win than underdogs. This means that the payout should be smaller for teams that are more likely to win.

Big payouts should be reserved for underdogs to encourage people to bet on them. You’ll likely be able to pocket most underdog bets since they’re highly unlikely to win. This is especially true with Manchester City and Liverpool as the only teams with significantly high odds over 20%.

Most people agree that other teams are unlikely to win, so only high-risk gamblers will bet on other teams. Offering a big payout is a great way to maximize your chances of making bank.

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Take Bets on the Premier League 2024 Season

The top picks for the Premier League 2024 season winners may sound difficult to find. Luckily, the predictions are clear: Manchester and Liverpool are on top. Now, it’s time to begin preparing for one of the biggest soccer events of the year.

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