Who Is Favored to Win the NHL Stanley Cup 2024

April 22, 2024, is a day that many hockey fans have circled on their calendars. That’s when this year’s NHL Stanley Cup playoffs officially begin!

If you’ve been keeping up with this sport, you know that the Edmonton Oilers are currently on a chart-topping winning streak, besting the competition in the last 16 games they’ve played. That puts them on the fast track to making NHL history if they win their upcoming February 6 game against the Vegas Golden Knights.

If the current NHL playoff predictor odds ring true, the Oilers will hold the coveted trophy this spring. However, hockey is a fast-paced and ever-changing sport, and the lines could easily change if another team comes up the ranks. Today, we’re exploring some top standouts and how their future looks over the next two months.

Edmonton Oilers

Let’s start with the team everyone’s talking about: the Edmonton Oilers. If they win their upcoming game, they’ll break a record that was set way back in the 1992–93 season by the Pittsburgh Penguins, who won 17 consecutive games.

Current reports show the Oilers’ odds at around +800, with their impressive victories fueled mostly by their incredible offense. With unstoppable center and captain Connor McDavid at the helm, they’re poised for the top spot.

If they make it to the NHL playoffs this year, it won’t be their first time in the spotlight. This team made it far in 2023, only losing once they reached the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

In their 44 seasons in the league, the Edmonton Oilers have been in the playoffs 25 times. Can they pull off a win in 2024? They’re certainly a team for bookies to watch, but they aren’t the only ones vying for the title.

Colorado Avalanche

While the Oilers will likely lead the way in the Western Conference, the Colorado Avalanche is quick on their heels. With current Stanley Cup odds at +900, its offense is about on par with Edmonton, but the team might have a slight advantage with Cale Makar.

Makar’s hot defensive strategy has helped the Avalanche advance this NHL season, and we’re excited to watch how the team progresses as we move into the spring.

Boston Bruins

Finally, let’s round out the top three Stanley Cup predictions with a team that’s quick on the heels of the Avalanche: the Boston Bruins. Don’t count them out just yet, especially considering their previous season.

Boasting a fantastic 65-12-5 record, the Bruins took the lead for the most points and wins in a single NHL season. Their odds are hovering around +750 right now, but we’re keeping an eye on their performance.

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NHL Playoff Predictor: Who Will Take Home the Stanley Cup?

If the future mimics the past, the Edmonton Oilers are positioned to take home the gold at this year’s Stanley Cup. However, that doesn’t mean their win is a sure bet.

Our NHL playoff predictor also cites the Colorado Avalanche and Boston Bruins as two formidable teams to watch. If you’re a bookie, expect to see many online wagers placed in their favor over the next few weeks!

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