Who’s the Favorite to Win the Champions League 2024

Introduced in 1955 as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League is an annual club association football competition. Commonly known as the European Cup, it’s a prestigious honor that some of the top club football teams in Europe clamor to win every year.

While fan favorite Manchester City is currently topping the charts, the 2024 contest is still any team’s game. Today, we’re sharing our Champions League prediction, as well as which teams bookies should watch as the competition heats up.

What Is the Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League is a club football competition (played like American soccer) that first eliminates teams through a round-robin type of group stage. As teams fall off one by one, the final two contests are a double-legged knockout stage, followed by a single-leg final.

Recognized globally as the most-watched club competition and the overall third-watched football contest, it trails only behind the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship in terms of viewership and popularity. National League champions around the world represent their associations at the game, all vying for the final trophy.

The 2024 Champions League Prediction Stats

While the final game of the Champions League won’t take place until June, bookies and bettors alike are already thinking ahead and making early predictions.

While it’s too early to make a final call, let’s take a look at our top three picks to date.

Manchester City

With betting odds hovering between +180 and +210, Manchester City is the current favorite of all Champions League teams. This is especially true in Europe, where forward Erling Haaland is a bonafide superstar. While the team has always been near the top, their odds shortened when they were paired with Danish champions FC Copenhagen in the Round of 16.

At the draw ceremony, which took place at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, dates for the first leg of the championship were also announced. MC will travel to the Danish capital to play FC at Parken Stadium on February 13.

Bayern Munich

While MC and FC Copenhagen face off in the Round of 16, viewers can also watch as Bayern Munich competes with its pair, S.S. Lazio. This matchup didn’t do much to change their odds, which remain around +400 to +440. Their recent January 27 win against FC Augsburg (3-2) put them slightly ahead, as did their January 27 triumph over FC Union Berlin (1-0).

Real Madrid

With odds between +500 and +600, fans would be wise to remember Real Madrid going into the next round of games. The team is always a fixture in the Champions League, and 2024 will be no different. They face RB Leipzig in the Round of 16, so here’s hoping they can parlay their recent success at the Spanish Super Cup into a victory this spring.

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What’s Your 2024 Champions League Prediction?

While no one can know for sure who will walk away with the coveted title, this Champions League prediction should indicate which teams to watch. As we prepare to enter the nail-biting Round of 16, only the best will emerge victorious and move on to the next round.

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