The Kentucky Derby isn’t just one of the most prestigious racing events in the world. It’s the single longest sporting event to have been continually held in America.

Since this horse race is a big deal, it’s important for bookies to dedicate a lot of their racebooks to taking bets on Kentucky Derby predictions. Here, we’re going to talk about some Kentucky Derby 2024 favorites that you should encourage betting on. Read on for some horse picks you need to know about as a bookmaker.

Sierra Leone: The Year’s Best Horse Pick

Sierra Leone is the three-year-old colt that’s the hottest pick of this year’s Kentucky Derby. He has +1800 odds in the event and is considered by many to be the #1 favorite.

This horse made his grand entrance into racing pretty recently at Aqueduct in November of 2023. He’s fast and ambitious, making him one of the horses that people are betting on the most frequently this year.

Sierra Leone is known for his strong closing moves. Even though he shows promise at the beginning of races like the Remsen Stakes and Kentucky Derby prep races, he only gets faster and faster when moving through the course.

A strong finish means a strong bet!

Other Favorites to Keep in Mind

However, Sierra Leone is far from the only horse people are betting on in 2024’s Kentucky Derby.

Dornoch, the horse who beat Sierra Leone at Remsen Stakes by a hair, is another hot pick for the event. While his racing record isn’t as shining as Sierra Leone’s, he beat him once before and many people believe that it will do so again.

Other prep race winners that people are looking at include horses like Hades, Uncle Heavy, and Mystik Dan. Since they have done well specifically at prep races to the Kentucky Derby, they’re favorites among those who follow the lead-up to the major event.

Offering Kentucky Derby 2024 Betting Odds

As a racebook operator, the Kentucky Derby is likely one of your most active times of business during the year. You’ll need to work with Ace Per Head oddsmakers to research statistics and create lines that make sense.

Favorite horses are those that you want to offer a smaller payout on. This is because more people are likely to win than those who bet on underdogs.

You can also select a few horses that are less likely to win and offer betting options on them. These can have a higher percentage of payout. The less likely they are to win, the greater the winnings can be.

This is awesome because it encourages people to bet on unlikely outcomes. You’re likely to turn an overall higher profit.

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Bookie Betting Software
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Using the top-rated bookie software will allow you to offer your players the most betting options, and result in increased overall profits.

If you want to be a successful bookie, then it starts by getting a quality online bookie software. These services are called pay per head sites, because they have a simple and affordable cost structure that charges a certain amount per active player per week. An active player is someone that has a bet graded as a win or a loss for that week, and the player can bet 1 or a thousand times and it’s the same price. Prices do vary but they can start as low as $3 a player.

These services handle all the bookmaking aspects such as providing a sportsbook website where they manage all the lines and update all the odds up to the second, and then grade all wagers and update all balances after each game ends.

Quality of Mobile Bookie Software is a Must

Over the years betting online has evolved and now over 90% of all bets made are done on a smartphone. This means it’s very important to utilize a pay per head company that has a really good mobile site.

One of the best mobile sites on the market is AcePerHead and not only is it very easy and fast to place a wager, but they offer two layout options. The first layout option is a bet slip version that reduces the number of clicks needed to make a wager, and has the option for players to choose different color layouts. The other option is the classic view that has a different style of how to make a wager.

Options are key, because not all players are the same, so this just allows each player to choose which layout they prefer. Once the players choose which layout they want it automatically stays on that layout, but they still have the option to change it in the future if they feel like it. Most pay per head services only offer one layout, so this becomes a nice selling point to potential bettors.

Agent Backend Software

In addition, Ace Per Head has a very simple and easy to use agent backend, where bookies can quickly see how much each player is up or down for the day and week, so they know what needs to be collected and paid out to each of their players. There are various other useful reports that allow agents to move their own lines, delete wagers that haven’t been graded yet, view all open bets and graded bets, check IP addresses on bets, receive wagers alerts when players make wagers, view exposure on each game, a detailed player analysis to break down exactly what each player is betting and what they are losing or winning on, and much more.

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Make Money as a Horse Betting Bookie

Now that you know the Kentucky Derby 2024 favorites that your racebook’s players can bet on, it’s time to make your racebook betting business stronger with Ace Per Head.

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