The Way to Know About
the Pay Per Head Industry

Given the premier service, sharp lines, and affordability, Ace Per Head is the perfect option for those bookies looking for a pay per head service.

What Is a Pay Per Head Service?

PPH stands for “pay per head” and refers to a type of sportsbook software. This software is a fully-managed platform that allows you to set up and run a website. Players can find it online and easily place bets and collect payout over the webpage.

Pay Per Head is set apart from other software because of its pricing model. It also is called 'price per player.' PPH software stands above other subscription services because you pay for exactly what you get.

Traditional subscription models force bookies to pay a flat monthly or yearly fee for their services. This may sound like a good deal but becomes problematic during the off-season. During these times, you'll be paying just as much as you were during the World Series or Super Bowl season.

This means that your sportsbook is going to turn very little profit for a lot of the year. Some months, you'll be paying a lot more than you're putting into your bookie software.

That's where PPH services come in their purpose is to resolve the problem of you paying more than you earn. Rather than paying $500+ every month regardless of your earnings, you only pay for the bettors that you actively are working with. You don't pay for players that once worked with you but no longer do.

The price per head sportsbook is about $10, though it might increase if you purchase add-on services. This means that you may pay $10,000 when you have 1000 bettors around major events while only paying $100 in the off-season when you have only 10 bettors. It's flexible, scalable, and ensures that you always turn a profit.

Beyond the PPH Meaning

Ace Per Head is committed to helping you set up a website, begin taking bets, and professionally manage your bookie platform. That's why we're excited to talk to you about how we can help meet your individual needs. Create your package below and start making money with AcePerHead, the best PPH service.

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