Ether Pay Per Head

If you are looking to book action or are already booking action with a pay per head website then it is very important to choose right service. The main things to keep in mind is to choose a service that has sharp lines because that is the bloodline of your business, and weak or soft lines cost agents money, whereas sharp lines increase a bookies hold percentage.

The other important thing is to make sure your pay per head service has a reliable website that does not have downtime and a site that has a large amount of betting options. In addition, you want a site that also has 24/7 customer service and a great service that completes requests the first time the request is made and gives booking advice.

One other important thing to make sure your service has is an easy and convenient payment method. Many sites offer money gram and western union, however, these options constantly have issues, with small limits and transaction getting blocked or being sent incorrectly. This means you have to then return to the store or call these companies and wait on hold for hours.

However now with the explosion of the cryptocurrency market, this provides other easier and more secure ways to make payments. Bitcoin is quickly becoming a popular payment method because it is super-fast and simple to get started and then when you send a payment you do not have to worry about any type of currency fluctuations because it is sent instantly and the price you sent it at is the price you get credited for. In addition, this is completely anonymous because you are just sending money to a unique and individual Bitcoin address.

But Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency available, there are literally hundreds of them around, but you just need to figure out exactly how to buy them and who accepts them. There is one though that is quickly becoming just as popular and as big as Bitcoin, which is Ether. Ethereum is an open source blockchain based distributed computing platform featuring scripting functionality that is decentralized. Thru this they provide a cryptocurrency token called ether which can be transferred between accounts exactly the same way as Bitcoin.

There are various sites that you can buy ether just the same as Bitcoin.  Some of the top sites to buy ether are etoro, plus500, whaleclub, and These sites all allow you to buy ether and then you just send it to whoever accepts ether. At the moment there is only one pay per head website that is accepting Ether as a form a payment and that is

Considering that the cryptocurrency is absolutely exploding, and becoming more mainstream with each passing day, with companies such as Amazon even planning to accept these types of payments, it is smart to find a pay per head company that is ahead of the curve and accepts these as well. Bitcoin and Ether are the wave of the future in currencies, and since they are so easy and safe to use it is a smart idea to do business with a pay per head site that has the infrastructure to accept these payments.