Sportsbook Agent Site

If you are already a bookie or are looking to become one then having a top-notch sportsbook agent site is a good first step in enhancing the success of your bookmaking business.

Software Features

When it comes to running a sports betting business, having a strong online presence is essential for building trust and attracting customers. However, not all bookie agent site platforms are created equal. If you want to succeed, you need to invest in a pay per head platform that offers top-notch features to keep your players’ sensitive information safe and help you stay ahead of the competition.

At Ace Per Head, we understand the importance of security features for bookies.

That’s why we use numeric codes for both bookies and players, so no identifying information is exchanged online. We also encourage payments and bets in untraceable Bitcoin, which minimizes the risk of theft in the event of a breach. Plus, we have integrated features like MFA and expert-installed firewalls to keep everything on our system secure.

Automated Upgrades and Updates

In addition to security, staying up to date with the latest industry trends is crucial for success in sports betting. That’s why we offer automated upgrades and updates to keep your website looking sleek and loading properly, while also updating backend features to minimize downtime and keep you safe.

Communication tools are also a key feature for bookie agent sites.

With Ace Per Head, you can talk securely with your players through our mobile-ready platform’s app or our 24/7 agent call center. And your bettors will have access to our 24-hour player call center for any questions or issues they may have.

Player Monitoring and Tracking Technologies

To help you monitor players and their activity, we offer bet ticket and SMS notifications, player watch reports, and tracking technologies that integrate with your website. This allows you to keep track of bets and payout in real-time, while also monitoring for any suspicious activity.

More Features

There are various pay-per-head services that are available for agents, which provide them with a fully inclusive website for their players to wager on, and where the PPH service handles all the odds and posts thousands of betting options each day.

These services also provide bookies with a sportsbook agent site as well, where they will have access to the administration side of the website, where they can keep track of all wagers, balances, and many other valuable reports. One of the best bookie agent sportsbook sites in the business is .

They have one of the most state-of-the-art agent backend sites, and when used from a mobile device everything is formatted for smartphones. The agent site is elementary and straightforward where there is a list of tabs that can be selected such as open bets, weekly balances, exposure, wager alerts, move lines, player chat, player lifetime, player analysis, and more.

1 – Player Management Tab

Also, there is a simple-to-use player management tab that you can click that will give you a list of your players’ ids. From there you can edit each player´s wager and credit limit along with password and any other personal player info you want to include. In addition, you can also add or clone an additional player right from the player management screen. There is also an adjustment option on the edit section of player management where you can make payments to each player account, and even give players free plays to use.

2 – Weekly Balance

The weekly balance sheet is also simple and easy to use it will show each week’s balances for each player, with a total amount section, that is separated by day and a total for the week, so you can quickly and easily see how much each player is up or down on their account for the week. Plus you can change the date on the weekly balances report to go back and see any week’s balances that you may need.

3 – Wager Alert

The wager alerts feature allows you to set up a text or email alert by setting specific parameters such as certain players, or wagers above a certain amount, that when placed you as the agent will automatically receive an email or text on the details of the wager and player.

4 – Player Analysis Tab

The player analysis tab is also another popular report because you can select a specific player of yours and it gives a very detailed analysis of all the types of bets the players have made over a specified time frame of your choice. This can be broken down by sport, by type of wager, or even by periods which breaks down bets by game, half, and a quarter of each type of sport. This is a great way to see where each player is winning or losing the most money, which is best used to make changes if certain players are having success in specific types of wagers.

There are many other useful reports that can be used through Ace’s backend site, which all help to make things smooth and easy to book action and manage your players successfully.

Don’t wait any longer to build the bookie agent site of your dreams. With Ace Per Head, you’ll have access to all of these features and more, plus constant support to help make your business as lucrative as possible. And with our current promotion, you can enjoy a free six-week trial and one week free out of every subsequent month in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Create your package today and start building your online presence with Ace Per Head.