How do Bookies Set Odds

Bookies set odds based on what Vegas and the biggest bookie websites in the world do, which is to take an algorithm-based formula that is based on numerous variables which help them to set the line. Then the rest of the bookies in the world use the opening line that is set in the market to offer to their players.

However, the best way for bookies to set odds is to instead use a pay-per-head website that sets all the odds for the bookies. A pay-per-head website such as sets its odds by using an average of the biggest books in the world and then manages them based on the action they are getting on each side, combined with where the sharp action is coming in. In addition, they have a team of lines guys that have decades of experience in the industry and monitor and manage the odds 24/7.

This makes it very easy for the bookies because the odds are set and handled by professionals and this allows the bookies to have more time to focus on acquiring new players.

Move Line Feature

Another option that Ace offers their bookies is a move line feature. This feature allows bookies to also have access to their backend to move any of the lines if they so choose. Even though this is not recommended, because it is safer and better to let the pros do it, the option is still allowed and can be utilized by bookies if they so choose.

So if you are a bookie and are getting action completely lopsided on a game, or if you just have players from your town that bet on the hometown teams then making small changes to the line could be a smart move. For example, if you live in the New England area and all your bettors are Patriots fans, then you can just add a point to the current New England Patriots spread thru the move lines feature. In addition, this unique feature also allows you to change the line so that your new line will be the line no matter where Ace ends up moving their line too, or you can move your line and then just keep the gap and move along with any moves that Ace applies to the line before the game begins.

How to Create your Own Betting Odds?

There are numerous companies that provide access to betting odds, such as Casinos, online Sportsbooks, and pay per head companies. Each company has a team of line makers that either opens up a betting line based on numerous game factors or just waits until the industry leaders put up a line, and then follow what they do.

Other books take an average of the market and then move the line based on where the action is going.  Also, some books utilize the sharp professional bettors in the market that often bet games early in the day or week, on lines that move in their favor, and move lines as soon as these types of players wager on a line. 

The betting odds are extremely important to the overall success of any bookie. The difference between a .5 point or 1 point in a game is often the difference in whether a player will lose or win a wager. So if a company is either slow in moving lines, or just not taking in all the factors that cause a line to move, then this can cost a bookie significant money. 

The lines affect the overall hold percentage, which is just simply the total amount lost or won, divided by the total amount wagered. The higher the hold percentage the more the player will lose overall. Having a ton of betting options and very sharp fast-moving lines, will increase the hold percentage for bookies.

The sharpest betting odds in the market

One of the best oddsmakers in the business is a pay per head company called We have a team of line makers with an overall combined 250 years’ worth of experience moving lines in the business, and they utilize all factors that affect the movement of betting odds. They work 24/7 and update the odds up to the second, and have some of the sharpest players in the world betting on their site, which allows them to use that info to move the lines fast and aggressively.

In addition, Ace Per Head also provides an agent backend management page, which has an option for bookies to even move the lines themselves on any given game. Even though it is not recommended to move the line since the lines are already sharp, to begin with, the option can still be used in specific situations.

If for example you live in New York and all your players bet on the New York Yankees, no matter what the line is, then you can move and adjust the line on the Yankees to make it more expensive. Also if you have players that always bet the over on football games, no matter what the total is, then you can raise the total a point or two and create your own betting odds. 

In addition, there is the option to move the line, but still follow any line moves that occur after, or to move the line, and keep your line like that no matter where Ace ends up moving the line. For example, if the Rams are -6 and you move the line to -7 and choose to follow any Ace line moves after that, then if the Rams moved to -7, then your line would also keep the 1 point gap and move to -8. If you choose to not follow any line moves, then your line of -7 on the Rams would stay at -7, even if Ace happened to move the Rams line to -4.

So if you are looking for the sharpest betting odds to offer your players, that way you can earn the most money from booking action on sports, but still have the option to create and move your own line, then contact us today at 1-800-909-5193.

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So whether or not you want to just go with the lines that are set by Ace, or slightly modify any line, you will have the ability to decide this based on your own needs. Every bookie has different needs and that is why using a company such as Ace Per Head can be a huge benefit because they give you options.

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