The Move Lines Feature

When choosing which pay-per-head services to use, one important feature to ask about is whether or not you as the agent have the capability to move lines on your own. Some pay-per-head services do not give this feature to their agents, some pay-per-head services will offer it if you pay more money. We offer it to all agents regardless of how much you are paying per head. It is a great feature to have access to and should be something that every agent should utilize.

The pay per head services obviously offer you their lines, which depending on how good they are can be very sharp, however, it can be extremely advantageous to make a few line moves of your own. If your players have a certain betting style like always betting offers on night NFL games then it would be very smart to adjust the total to a higher number and or increase the juice on the over. If you are getting one-sided action on a particular game then you might want to raise that line to either provoke players to take the other side to even out the action or raise the line so the other players that pick that team will now get a worse line than your current wagers on that game. If you correctly move lines based on any of these reasons you can end up making yourself a lot of extra money.

On we offer all agents the option to move lines no matter how many players they have, or what price they pay. The Move Lines feature is under the Common column, and once you click it, you will be brought to a new screen that has a list of all the games that the site has to offer. On the top left-hand side of the Move Lines screen, you will see Sports with a drop-down box that has all the different sports choices that you can pick to view and move the lines.

Once you select the sport you want, then you will see each game that is on the board listed chronologically by the rotation number. Then you will see the Team Name game matchup followed by the spread with an empty box next to it, then the odds for the spread with an empty box next to it, then the Total with an o for over and u for under, with an empty box next to it, then odds for the total with an empty box next to it, and lastly the $-Line for each team with an empty box next to it. The empty box next to each is for you as the agent to put your own line or juice amount. When entering your new values it is extremely important to do it correctly, because any line or odds that you change, and then click submit will show up for all your players to bet. For all favorites with a negative sign (-), it is extremely important to put the negative sign (-) for your new line. So if the Patriots are -7, but you want to put an extra hook on it, then you would type in -7.5 into the empty box next to the -7 for the Patriots, and then click submit. After clicking submit you will see your new line in red and in brackets [-7½].

The last thing to do is decide if you want your line to stay at your new value no matter where your PPH Sportsbook service moves the line, or if you want your line to follow any line moves that your pay per head service makes, but always keep your point value change intact. Below each game, you will see Follow Spread with a box with a checkmark, $Line with a box with a checkmark, and Total with a box with a check mark. If you leave the box with the check marked, then it will mean that your line will move with the moves that your pay per head bookie service makes. So for example, if you move the Patriots to -7.5 from -7 and keep the box checked for Follow Spread, and your price per head sportsbook service moves the line down to -6 for the Patriots, then your line will also move down a point to -6½, keeping the same ½ gap intact. However, if you un-click the Follow Spread box then it will not follow any line moves that your pay per head service makes, so if your PPH service moves the Patriots from -7 to -6, then your line will stay at -7½ no matter what.

Lastly on the far right-hand side of the screen, there is a column that says Hidden, with Game, Spread, Total, and $-Line with an empty box next to each. This column gives you the option to hide any of the 4 lines if you want. So if you do not want to even offer a game you can click the box next to Game, and then hit submit at the top right hand of the screen, and this will remove the line for that entire game for all of your players. Another common thing to use this hidden feature for is if there is a money line that you do not want to offer because of the underdog price being too high, or because you do not want to offer a huge money line favorite.

As you can see there are many different ways to utilize the Move Lines feature, and if you use it wisely you can make yourself even more money.

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