My Bookie Business

I started taking wagers when I was in college a few years ago, at first it was just for fun but it quickly became a nice income source to fuel my party lifestyle and by the end it was paying all of my bills.

After college I kept my bookie service going on a smaller scale, I did it more for fun than as a business. At one point I found myself in a pinch and I needed some extra income, so I decided to take more clients and handle all the action myself. Word spread and I started getting referrals and the next thing I know I’m in over my head.

I couldn’t quit my job because I needed the money and also because that was where most of my players were and collecting and paying were convenient. But I didn’t want to bring anyone else in because let’s face it the more people know about your business the easier it is to get in trouble. Long story short I couldn’t take on any more clients because I simply had no time to manage the increased workload.

So I started looking at pay per head bookie services offshore, I tried several places, moved the business around quite a bit in the first two years, I encountered problems left and right, lack of service, downtime, excessive pricing you name it.

Why Ace Per Head?

I started questioning my decision to work offshore and then a friend suggested I try, I was skeptical at first, their site has a full list of features that frankly looked too good to be true. None the less I decided to try them out, I moved a small number of players I had a good relationship with and that I knew would not leave if they had a terrible experience.

I was impressed with everything about them, their service, their software, their lines, everything. I moved the rest of the package before the beginning of football season but I did not close my accounts with the other places, football season is when you really find out if a PPH service is reliable or not. Most experience an overload on the weekends right before kickoff and their service goes down. I was expecting the worse, and guess what? It didn’t happen! Their service did not go down that weekend or any other weekend after that. So I now work exclusively with them and I have no regrets.

My life has become manageable again, I can actually have a social life and still make money from my bookie business. In fact, in the last two years, I have doubled my number of clients, I can manage everything from my phone or laptop I have full visibility, and the number of hours I used to spend doing accounting has been reduced to less than 30 minutes a week.

If you are in the same situation I was a couple of years ago, then you really should consider moving your players to an offshore pay per head bookie service like Ace Per Head, they are currently offering a free trial, test them out, and be ready to move your business offshore before football season starts.