How do Bookies Always Win?

If you are looking to become a bookie, instead of just making bets yourself, the good news is you will make a lot more money as a bookie. The reason is that people who bet, lose over the long term, which means that if you are booking the action then you will be earning money from each player over the long term.

However, bookies don’t always win, players are going to get lucky sometimes, and have multiple weeks where they win and do well. But that is a necessary evil of being a bookie because if a player lost all the time, he would either go broke or just lose interest in betting altogether because losing all the time is not fun and is costly. Instead, the real important thing to do is when a player does actually have a good week and win, pay him as fast as possible.

When a player does actually finally win, they want nothing more than to be paid promptly and in full. If you as the bookie can pay the winners too fast and in full this will guarantee you a very happy player for life because he knows that the money is golden and he doesn’t have to worry about getting scammed or slow paid.

Profitable Bookie

This also goes a long way in also helping to grow your bookie business, because gamblers know other gamblers, and talk about their bets with each other, and if you are a fast-paying bookie, then your players will end up referring you to their other friends that bet on sports. This will all lead to you growing your sportsbook business and then just making more money over the long term, which will be the key to how you will always be a profitable bookie and be on the winning side of the business.

So even though players will win sometimes, the more they bet per day and per game, then the more they are going to lose as time goes by. The juice or vig that is charged on each wager alone will add up, and with the juice, a player is going to have to win over 65% of his wagers just to break even, and having that type of winning percentage of the long term is extremely difficult.

So if you are looking to be a bookie, you are not going to win every time, but you will make a lot of money from this business. The best way to get started is by just using one of the top pay per head services in the business. They offer a fully inclusive professional sports betting website for players to bet thousands of sports betting options each day.

Business for Bookies

Grow your Business

The pay per head provider like does all technical bookmaking stuff, such as setting the lines and updating and moving the lines up to the second, and then grading all wagers as soon as each game concludes. This means that you as the bookmaker do not even need to know anything about the technical side of the business but instead can just focus your time and effort on growing your sportsbook business and acquiring more customers. The more players you have then the more money you will be making in the long term from booking action on sports.

Start building your bookie empire today by getting set up with Ace Per Head’s service that will allow you to book action on sports from all around the world.