PPH Sportsbook

The sports betting world continues its rapid evolution thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2018 decision to allow states to legalize sports gambling.

What was once an industry relegated to the shadows and dark corner bars is now a thriving, profitable, and legitimate industry. To put it another way, sports betting is everywhere.

Spreads and Moneylines and over/under crawl on major sports network chyrons. There are hour-long panel shows featuring gambling experts to discuss the day’s action.

As a bookie, you know how legal gambling affects your bottom line. You’ve heard of a PPH sportsbook, but you’re not sure what it is. You’re not sure why you should start one.

Bookmaking is a competitive industry. The more people who play with you, the more money you make.

Read on to learn about what PPH sportsbook services are, and why you should join. 

How PPH Sportsbook Works?

PPH sportsbook software exists for independent bookies who want to take their operation online. Experienced bookmakers find this software useful, as you don’t have to be an expert handicapper to use these services.

All you need are passing math skills, players, and a chunk of money to back your bets. Ok, you’re interested, but how does this all work?

PPH Bookie Fundamentals

PPH software allows bookies online access to their entire sports gambling operation. In other words, you can take your book online by leasing the software from a PPH company like .

By leasing this software, you get a platform that allows you to operate online like the big retail casinos.

What Does PPH Mean?

As the operator, you pay a flat monthly fee per player rather than an expensive monthly lease term. AcePerHead.com charges a fee of $10 per player every month.

That means if you have 20 players betting with you, you pay a $200 a month fee rather than a percentage of your total handle or profit.

It depends. Pay per head services like AcePerHead operate offshore. It’s best to consult your attorney and the bookie service before you begin to make sure you’re taking bets within legal parameters.

What Does PPH Offer?

Here’s the truth: Legalized sports betting is a win for state tax revenues, casinos, online retail sportsbooks, and small-time players.

Sounds great, right? It’s hard to see a loser. But there are.

Bookies get squeezed with legal, online gambling. If you’ve operated a neighborhood book for years, you had a captive player audience. You were the guy people referred to when they said, “I know a guy.”

If anyone wanted to lay action on a game, you were the one they called or went to see. While you may have loyal players who prefer to place their bets with you, you’re seeing more competition from legal online books.

Why? Placing bets with a smartphone is easy and convenient. Players can deposit money directly from their bank account or debit card.

Players also have access to deposit bonuses, risk-free bets, juiced-up odds specials, and in-game betting. Your paper and pen book operation can’t offer any of that.

Here’s what the best PPH sportsbook, Ace Per Head, offers you.

Line Service

You felt the hit of COVID-19’s 2020 sports shutdown. The big books and the small books all took a bath when all major sports ceased their action last March.

While you were out of commission, the big books stayed afloat by offering bets on other sports still played around the globe like table tennis and Korean Baseball.

You can’t know what the future holds, but you don’t want to be in that position again. A PPH outsource sportsbook offers a line service with sharp lines and massive bet offerings.

This allows your sportsbook to stay operational and compete with the large online books. These line services also help you grow your business. You can spend less time handicapping and more time building a player base.

Adjustable Lines

While a line service provides you with sharp betting lines and eases your workload, you have the years of experience to know when a line is soft.

Who knows your market better than you? While most PPH services offer lines, they don’t give the bookies freedom to adjust. The best PPH sportsbook gives you that freedom.

AcePerHead’s Move Lines Feature gives you the option to move lines based on your market’s action.

Why is this feature important? Every book takes different amounts of action. If you book in the Cleveland area, your players are less likely to bet on Pittsburgh to win a game.

If you’ve taken a lot of action on the losing side of the Pittsburgh line, you have the freedom to adjust your sportsbook’s lines to get the action you need on Pittsburgh to balance your book. 

In-Game Betting

Before the technological revolution, sports bets were made before the games began. While Vegas was able to take in-game bets at the window, it was a long process that didn’t allow gamblers to lock into the number they wanted.

Technology tightens lines, and players always look for an edge. So, they’ve turned to in-game betting to try and find that edge. With a PPH sportsbook, you can take your players’ in-game bets.

The simple truth is, the more your players bet, the more money you make.

Easy Money Management

PPH software streamlines the sportsbook operation. The software lets you access all open bets. It also helps you manage your risk and exposure.

Let the software process and payout on bets. Instead of you being in operation 24/7, your PPH bookie software is.

Casino Gaming

With PPH software like AcePerHead.com, you run a sportsbook and an entire casino. Your players have the option to play casino games like blackjack, and slots with your book. 

Games like these attract players who aren’t interested in sports betting. It also keeps your players happy and playing during the slow times of the year.

Simple Interface

Technology might not be your strongest play. That’s ok. AcePerHead’s bookie platform is so easy anyone can operate it.

What’s easy for you is easy for your players, too.

Why Pay Per Head?

Now you know what pay per head software like AcePerHead offers you. As an independent bookie, you have your ways of doing business. They’ve brought you long-term profit.

Why change now? The sports betting game keeps changing around you, and you need to adapt. Here’s a list of reasons why you should sign up for a PPH service.


If you live in an area where online sports betting is legal, you face stiffer competition from the big books and their unlimited money.

While you offer better lines and an old-fashioned DIY ethic, they offer convenience and free money.


When sports gambling existed in the shadows, it was a cash-only business. Players can now link their bank accounts to a legal retail sportsbook.

You want some of that action. You want to make it as easy as possible for your players to play with you. To do it, you have to take all forms of electronic payment.

With PPH service software like Ace Per Head, it’s never been easier. Credit, debit, wire transfer, and cryptocurrency are all processed within the platform.

Build Your Business

The job of a bookie looks easy to an outsider. You know better. Bookmaking takes a lot of work.

Bookie software frees you from the busy work. The less time you spend on the phone taking bets, the more time you have to build your business.


Running a sportsbook is like running any other business. There are operating costs to pay that cut into your profit.

With PPH sportsbook like AcePerHead, you pay one flat fee per player. That means you get more bang for your leasing buck.

Digital Reports

If you’re running a sports betting operation, it’s important to keep up with all the latest betting trends. You need to know how certain teams trend on totals or the road.

Rather than keep that information in a filing cabinet, PPH sportsbook software keeps digital reports on all the current prevailing trends.

This means your players, too. It’s important to find and seal the cracks in your book.

Do you have a sharp crushing of your baseball lines? Find out before it’s too late and place bet limits to reduce your risk. These easy-to-read digital reports help you spot trouble areas before you take a bath.

The PPH Is the Future

The future is now. Independent bookies are in a street fight with the retail books. A PPH sportsbook like AcePerHead is how you fight to win.

This legal sportsbook software helps bookies build their digital footprint with a cost-effective platform. At the low cost of $10 per head, you can have your piece of the massive gambling pie.

Are you ready to give AcePerHead.com a try? Our technology will revolutionize your sportsbook business. Sign up for a free trial today

How Much Money do you Need to Start?

If you are looking to start a sportsbook, it is smart to have a small bankroll in the beginning.  You don’t need to have a lot of money, however, you do need to be prepared to pay players when they win. Players are going to lose over the long term, however, they do get lucky sometimes and win, so it is important to have a small bankroll when starting out, just in case players get lucky the first couple weeks and actually win.

Sometimes bookies never need to even use their bankroll, because players start off losing, and then you just collect that money and add it to your original bankroll.  The size of your bankroll can be just a couple hundred dollars, but it will also vary depending on how many players you actually have betting with you and how much volume your bettors actually give you each week.

If you just have a couple of players that bet $50 a game, then you are not going to need as much money to start a sportsbook, compared to someone that has a couple of players that bet $250 a game. For the agent that has players that bet $50 a game, $300 to $500 would be a good starting place.  However, for the agent that has players betting $250 a game, it would be much better to have anywhere from $500 to $2,000 as a starting bankroll. 

Obviously, if the players lose right away then you will not even need to ever use any money, because you would just be collecting. But again it is better to be prepared with a small bankroll in case players win in the beginning, that way you don’t go out of business after a week or two. 

In addition, when you are starting a sportsbook you would need to use a pay-per-head service such as AcePerHead.com. They offer a fully functioning and mobile sportsbook where they manage all the lines up to the second and 24/7. However, when you use their service all the players you have betting are your players and you handle all wins and loses directly with your players and keep 100% of those profits.  Ace just charges a flat fee of $10 per active player a week, and you only get charged if the player has a graded wager for that week.

So you will need to make sure you can afford the service because having a website with thousands of betting options is the lifeline of your entire bookmaking business. The great thing about Ace is that the price is very cheap, considering players will lose a lot more than the $10 it costs for that player to use the site. 

In addition, Ace has a global max payout feature that can be applied that will be able to limit how much a player can win on any wager that is placed thru the website.  So for example, if you want to make it so no player can win more than $500 on a wager, you can have the global max payout set at $500, which will protect you from a player taking a long shot that could pay thousands of dollars if it won. This is a great feature that can especially protect bookies when they are first starting, so they don’t get beat on wagers that they can’t afford to payout.  As time goes on and as you make more money from booking action, you can always raise those global max payouts if you want.

So if you are looking to start a sportsbook it’s important to have some money to start with, to be able to afford the service, and to pay players if they get lucky in the beginning.  But as the weeks go by, you will see that players lose overall and you will be earning a lot more money and only adding to your bankroll. 

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