What Are Betting Agents in Gambling

People across America legally bet about $4.29 billion on sports in 2021. This makes sense when you consider that 60% of the US is made up of sports fans.

If you’re a bookie and are looking to grow your sportsbook with this market, it’s important that you make smart business decisions. Betting agents can help you operate your sportsbook and streamline its effectiveness. Read on to learn how.

What Are Betting Agents?

Traditionally, bookies accept bets directly from gamblers. They directly take their money and pay them the appropriate sum when they win. They also research teams, set lines, mitigate risks, create player limits, and arrange payments.

A betting agent acts as a sort of middleman between gamblers and bookies. They’re the people who manage an online platform that works with multiple bookmakers. These agents serve to make the lives of both bettors and bookies easier.

Ace Per Head is an example of a betting agent. We create websites for bookies, but the players do not need to provide those bookies with their information or direct payments. Instead, the player will create an account with Ace Per Head, connect with bookies working for us, and place bets at the best sportsbooks that we manage.

How Can They Benefit Budding Bookies?

If you’re a bookie, sportsbook agents can make almost every aspect of your job easier. The first is communication.

Bookies constantly need to field DMs, emails, and calls from their players. This makes sense since they are working with people that give them significant sums of money. However, it can also be extremely stressful when you’re fielding 3 AM calls and trying to call multiple people back.

A top-quality agent will offer 24/7 player hotlines that bettors can call with any questions. This makes betting on sports easy for them.

This means that you won’t need to field any calls. Direct communication between yourself and players will only take place via your mobile application.

Ace Per Head’s agents also take updating and securing your platform into their own hands. You don’t need to perform routine upgrades to ensure that you’re secure. This lets you rest easy about being safe from cybercriminals with literally zero effort.

How Much Do Gambling Agents Cost?

Assuming that your bookie business pairs with a top-notch online provider, betting agents should only cost you a fraction of what you earn. Pay-per-head providers have a unique subscription payment model. Rather than paying a flat fee regardless of how few bettors you have, you only pay for people who have active bets open with you.

This fee is usually as low as $3. It’s all-inclusive. You get access to communication and security features as well as many more great benefits.

This often amounts to less than 10% of your earnings. While many gamblers only bet $10-$25 at a time, about 1 in 10 wagers $250 or higher on their average bets. When you consider how frequently you’ll win and the fact that you’ll always get a vigorish, you’re in great shape.

Work With a Top Sportsbook Provider

Now that you know the role of betting agents in gambling, it’s time to take your bookie business to the next level. Ace Per Head is excited to act as a middleman between you and the players you value. Enjoy a promotion for six weeks of free services to see how we can help you.