Running a Sports Betting Shop

When you picture a bookie in your head, one of these notorious bookmakers might come to mind. Once upon a time, you had to be a pretty menacing figure to carve out a career as a bookie in the bookmaking world.

But these days, it’s a whole lot easier to figure out how to become a bookie. Betting on sports has become so common among both Americans and Canadians that you can get a sports betting business up and running in no time.

You will, however, need to take the right steps to create your own sports betting enterprise. Make sure you take these steps before taking a bet from anyone. See how to start your own sports betting shop below.

Secure Sports Betting Software

A big part of the reason why it’s so much simpler to learn how to become a bookie these days than it used to be is because of all the sports betting software that exists. You won’t need to worry about trying to run a sports betting shop with a pencil and paper anymore.

A company like Ace Per Head can provide you with the sports betting software you’ll need to take bets from your clients. You can use this software to customize a sports betting website and to get access to the latest sharp betting lines.

Best of all, this sports betting software won’t break the bank. It’ll cost as little as just $3 per head when you invest in it.

Obtain Sports Betting Clients

Setting up your very own betting shop should be simple enough. But before you can begin using it to turn a profit, you’ll need to attract clients to it.

Word of mouth is a great way to get the ball rolling in the right direction. But you should also look for other innovative ways to market your sports betting shop as best you can. It’ll keep clients coming through your (digital!) front door and enable you to begin to rake in profits in a hurry.

Run an Honest Sports Betting Operation

When starting any business, the first thing you must do is save money.

A sportsbook business requires investing in several resources to build a good platform. The main investment you’ll make is paying a sportsbook provider for their software. If a sportsbook provider doesn’t offer website templates, you’ll also need to invest in web design services.

To afford these, it’s best to save a few thousand dollars. Doing so will ensure you have the means to pay a sportsbook provider for several months until you attract players.

If you aren’t quick to pay out your clients after they win money while betting on sports, they might take their business elsewhere. That’s why you should make it your mission to run an honest operation that pays people out on time.

You should also use bookie software that will provide people with a place to call if they have any questions or concerns. This is yet another area in which Ace Per Head bookie software will benefit you as it’ll give your customers a chance to take advantage of a call center at any time.

With Ace Per Head, you can take advantage of pay per head services, which allow you to pay only for each player that uses your platform. The cost can be as low as $3 per head but expect to spend more if you want more services.

Pay-per-head can benefit your bookie business because it prevents you from paying a large flat rate. For example, if you only have 10 players on your platform and the rate is $3 per head, you’ll only pay $30 weekly.

Sportsbook providers tend to accept a variety of payment methods, including crypto, gift cards, and money transfers. Ace Per Head accepts all of these, ensuring bookies from anywhere can take advantage of our services.

Set Up a Website

After paying a sportsbook provider, you can set up a website to host your price per head platform. As mentioned, some providers, like Ace Per Head, include website templates that simplify the process.

With a template, you can create a custom website within hours. However, the website may not be as unique as it could be if you hired a web designer.

To ensure players enjoy your platform, ensure it has various activities for them. Not only should you offer sports betting, but you should also include casino games. This will help you earn more money because players will have more ways to spend theirs.

Jumpstart Your Sports Career Today

Now that you know how to start a sportsbook business, think about what you want to accomplish in your sports career. When you’re ready to start, Ace Per Head will help you stay on track with our bookie services.

Keep in mind that starting does require an initial investment. If you can save enough to afford a few months of pay-per-head services, you’ll have plenty of time to build a player base.

To learn more about becoming a bookie, check out our beginner’s guide that outlines the basics of bookmaking.

Learning How to Become a Bookie Has Never Been Easier

Figuring out how to become a bookie would have been very difficult 20 years ago. But in 2023, it’s so easy to get a bookmaking business off the ground with the help of Ace Per Head.

We can give you the sports betting software you’ll need to start taking bets from your clients. It’ll help you learn the ins and outs of the sports betting business much quicker than you would be able to otherwise.

Discover more about our bookie software and consider taking advantage of our 6-week free promo.