Sports Betting Management Software

The sports betting market is expected to be worth over $180 billion by 2030, but many bookies still struggle with bankroll management.

As a bookie, knowing how to manage your money is the key to growth. While you don’t need to set a sports betting budget, you do need to set a business budget. Without doing so, you’ll decrease your odds of having a successful platform.

Fortunately, Ace Per Head can take care of you. We’ve put together this guide on sports betting management so you can start your platform with a solid understanding of how to run things.

Here’s what you need to know about managing a bankroll!

Consider Your Player Base

As a bookmaker, one of the best ways to manage your bankroll is to consider your player base. Your players are the ones that will determine how much money you’ll earn and spend.

When using the best pay per head service, you’ll only pay for the number of active players you have. If you have a small player base, you won’t spend much. However, a large player base will require you to spend more.

Fortunately, Ace Per Head charges as low as $3 per player, making betting money management much easier.

Prioritize Certain Features

Another thing you should do is prioritize certain features. Ace Per Head’s bookie software has various features that you can implement into your platform, but you may need to spend more for certain things. Because of this, you should only invest in what you think your players will enjoy.

For example, some players may enjoy sports betting but not casino games. If a majority of your players don’t like casino games, you don’t need to offer them on your platform. This may help you reduce costs, and it’ll prevent players from getting distracted when placing bets.

When working with Ace Per Head, we can help you choose the features to offer on your bookie site.

Create a Top Betting Website

The last thing that’ll help you with bankroll management is creating a top betting website.

When players look for betting sites, they expect to find ones with signup bonuses. While something like a signup bonus will require you to add more money to a player’s betting bankroll, it’ll make them feel more comfortable.

Players also expect a neat layout and plenty of options. By creating a top betting website, you can increase the likelihood that a player signs up on your platform, thus increasing the amount you earn.

Ace Per Head Service

Ace Per Head is a fully-managed sportsbook software service. This means that you pay a monthly fee for experts to constantly monitor, update, and upgrade your website.

Your single fee covers security features, payment methods, and trend monitoring to ensure that you don’t have downtime. It also includes constant support for both agents and players.

When you invest in fully-managed technology, you don’t need to pay multiple bills for different features or hire people to manage your website for you. It’s easy and efficient.

Features and Support

When you use Ace Per Head, you’ll get access to a huge range of basic features like:

  • Updates to keep the site working
  • In-app chat for agents and players to communicate
  • 24/7 customer service from our team
  • MFA, firewalls, and other security features
  • Simple Bitcoin payment methods
  • Security monitoring

You also will get sportsbook-specific features, including:

  • Bet tickers
  • SMS alert when someone places a wager
  • Player watch reports
  • Integrated sports score tracking
  • Live dealer casino games
  • Live sports betting in real time
  • Automatic payouts
  • Professionally-constructed lines and odds
  • Customizable lines, limits, and players

You also won’t need to worry about getting licensing to operate and paying hefty fees to be a legal bookie. Ace Per Head has already taken care of these annoying technicalities so that you can just set up your site and start making bank.

Sports Betting Management Is That Simple

While sports betting management can seem difficult, all you must do is go through these steps to avoid overspending on your platform. Not only will you have more money, but you’ll also create something that players will enjoy.

Keep in mind that Ace Per Head can help you decide what’s best for your platform, regardless of your experience.

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