NASCAR Betting Software

NASCAR is making a comeback as a popular sporting event in the United States. In 2022, it brought in about 114.231 million viewers. This is the highest figure since 2018!

If you’re looking to make some extra money, becoming a bookie with NASCAR betting software is a great choice. Read on to learn the benefits of offering betting on NASCAR and how you can choose a technology that helps you rake in the cash.

NASCAR Betting Sites: The Basics

A NASCAR betting site is simply a sportsbook that offers options for betting on car races. These betting options could be a specialized thing that you offer. They also could be part of a larger sportsbook with football, baseball, soccer, and other event betting options.

As a bookie, you’ll want to get a NASCAR sportsbook that’s custom-designed to promote these betting options. You can use a bookie-specific template to upload images of racecars, projections on who will win different events, and the options that people have to bet on.

People will go on your site, bet on NASCAR events, and get an automated payout when they win. You’ll get to keep the cash when they lose a bet, which leads to a lucrative operation as long as you set a good vig. These payments will often be in the form of secure cryptocurrency to keep your information as well as your gamblers’ data safe.

How to Choose NASCAR Betting Software

It’s important that you choose a NASCAR betting platform that:

  • Lets you customize your website to promote your brand
  • Is 100% mobile-configurable so users can bet on the go
  • Links up with sites that automatically track NASCAR scores
  • Automates payments and payout for bettors
  • Uses a pay-per-head payment model to keep you flexible
  • Gives you round-the-clock support
  • Incorporates in-app communication between bookies and players
  • Allows you to customize your lines, players, limits, and events

When you do this, you’ll have an easier time running and operating your sportsbook. You also will have a chance to openly communicate with more bettors, expand your offerings, and stand out above the competition.

The Features of Ace Per Head’s Technology

In addition to the above benefits, Ace Per Head will give you NASCAR-sportsbook-specific features in our packages. You’ll be able to get SMS alerts when someone makes a wager on races. You also can generate player watch reports for those that you want to monitor more closely.

Live betting options are also available. This lets people watch races and bet on them in real time. When a NASCAR event is ongoing, they can place dynamic wagers and monitor their progress and winnings.

What Is Pay Per Head?

As a bookie, your job is to balance a sportsbook. That means you are taking wagers from bettors, ensuring that there is an even amount of money on both sides of a bet.

But there’s a lot more to do than simply balancing the book. If you’re doing all of this manually, or with outdated software, it can take a really long time.

Pay Per Head services exist to allow you to manage your entire sportsbook digitally, in the most secure, efficient way possible. When players place bets, it all happens automatically.

And they can place bets anywhere so long as they have a smartphone or computer and an internet connection. With a PPH book in place, all you need to do is get more bettors to place a wager with you.

But why is it called pay-per-head? Because PPH providers charge you a flat fee per person that bets with your sportsbook. For some providers, the fee might be $10 or $20 per person.

At AcePerHead, you can pay as little as $3 per player, helping you boost profits by keeping expenses low.

Advantages of Pay Per Head

Almost every bookie in the modern age is using a pay per head bookie service to run their business and manage their books. Here’s why using PPH is a must.

Scale Your Business

One of the biggest advantages of pay-per-head is the ability to scale your operations. Because all of the manual, time-consuming work is now automated with technology, you can take on way more players than ever before.

With more people placing wagers in your sportsbook, you can make a lot more money. With the right PPH system, you can continue to bring new people in without having to do any additional work to manage and balance your books.

So whether you’re content with a dozen players, or you want thousands in your book, only a PPH makes this possible.

Offer the Latest Sports Betting Technology

The sports betting industry is constantly evolving. Gone are the days when players would simply bet on which team they thought might win a game.

There are dozens of ways to bet, from money line to point spreads, parlays to line bets, and much more. Users want options. They want access to every sport and they want to bet how they want to bet.

By using a modern pay per head platform like AcePerHead, you can give your players access to nearly any sporting event on the planet, and allow them to place a bet in whichever way they choose.

As a bookie, this is no longer a hassle since all of it is automated using the latest betting technology.

Peace of Mind Knowing that User Data Is Secure

Managing a sportsbook means collecting wagers from real people and paying out winners. There is information about each player that you need to collect in order to properly manage your book and ensure timely payouts.

Without a secure system to handle this information, the users are at risk. That’s why it’s key to use a reputable sportsbook platform like AcePerHead.

We invest heavily in our technology, not just to offer lots of betting options, but to keep our user’s information and funds as secure as possible.

Since there is a lot of money moving around in the sports betting industry, it’s a big target for cyber attacks. With a PPH service behind you, you won’t need to fear these attacks since you have the most up-to-date digital security protecting you and your users.

Only Pay for What You Need

The pay-per-head model is very accommodating. New bookies can get started without spending a fortune on software. After all, they only need to pay for each person that is using their sportsbook.

So if you only have 10 people, you won’t be making much money. But you won’t be spending much either, so you’ll always be profitable so long as you keep your books balanced.

The model is great for bookies who are just starting out as well as those with a big network of bettors.

Expert Support is Always Available

Most bookies run a one-man show. It’s just them attracting new users, balancing the books, and ensuring winners are paid on time.

And while you might be pretty good at it all, there’s going to be a time when you need help or advice.

When you use a service like AcePerHead, you get access to our support 24/7, every day of the year. Not only that, but you get your own account manager who will be watching your books as well, always looking for ways to help you improve your operations and efficiency.

Pay Per Head Providers Want You to Succeed

One of the best aspects of the pay-per-head business model is that PPH providers only win if you win.

You don’t pay a ton of money upfront to these providers. You only pay per person on your book. So they can only make money if you grow and make money as well.

Your success is the same as their success, so they are going to give you every tool and resource to help you achieve success in this industry.

Start Making Money Today

Now that you know the basics of NASCAR bookie software, it’s time to begin reaching out to racing enthusiasts and taking bets. Our team is excited to help you design a mobile app that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

We’re pumped to show you what we can do, so create a package to start a 6-week free promo period of our services!