Boxing Betting Software

Once upon a time, it appeared as though boxing was trending in the wrong direction when it came to popularity. But according to recent reports, the sport is back in a big way.

Nearly half a billion people all across the planet watch boxing matches each year. That puts it in the top five in terms of the most-watched sports on a global level.

If you run a sports betting operation, providing boxing betting options will be a necessity. You’ll need to search for sports betting software that’ll enable you to serve as a boxing bookie in the hours leading up to boxing matches.

Would you like to learn how to choose software for sports betting that’ll allow you to cater to the crowd that wants to bet on boxing? Here’s how to do it.

Look for Options

If you’re interested in offering boxing betting to your clients, you’ll need to begin by looking around for options. Google “boxing betting software” to see which options you’ll have.

This should provide you with a long list of software for sports betting. From there, you can do further research on each sportsbook provider to see what they bring to the table.

The best sportsbook providers will be able to set you up with sports betting software that’ll give you access to a customized website, excellent customer service, and so much more.

Evaluate Boxing Betting Odds

When you’re doing your homework on different sportsbook provider options, one thing you should pay close attention to is whether or not they offer betting odds for boxing. Some aren’t going to extend the sharp betting odds for boxing you’ll need.

The best software for sports betting will give you the opportunity to set your clients up with all the different boxing betting odds. This will include odds for big-time boxing matches as well as those matches that might not be on the average sports fan’s radar.

Consider Costs

While it’s important to offer the best boxing betting odds to your clients, you don’t want to break the bank on the software you choose. You should always consider how much sports betting software will cost.

There are some sportsbook providers that’ll offer you boxing betting software for as little as $3 per head. This will enable you to maximize your profits when you start offering boxing betting odds to your clients.

What AcePerHead Offers

Companies like AcePerHead help independent bookies find success in the online world.

How do companies like ours do it? Read on to find out more.

Pay Per Head

Companies like AcePerHead are what is called a pay per head service. What this means is that they are a third party company that helps an independent bookie operate a sportsbook online.

These bookies are typically by themselves so they may not have a staff that can help them with daily operations or more technical aspects of the sportsbook. That is where AcePerHead and other companies like it come in.

How it works is that you will pay for the success that the third party company helps you maintain. What this means is that you only pay for the number of players that are actively using your platform.

The way pay per head companies make their money is that they charge bookies a service fee for each person that places a bet on their betting platform.

So, for example, let’s say that 100 bettors place a bet with your sportsbook within two weeks. AcePerHead would then charge you $10 for every bettor that made a bet with your sportsbook. In the end, you would owe AcePerHead $1,000 for the services that they provided.

What are the services that these companies provide? Let’s take a closer look.

Customer Support Team

Something that you are going to need to outsource as an independent bookie is customer service. The reason for this is sheer numbers. One person cannot maintain all of the needs that a customer support staff would be responsible for.

No need to fear. We can provide you with an English-speaking customer service staff that is available for your bettors 24/7. The channels that they can reach this staff include phone, live chat, email, or text message.

What this does is it not only gives you a team that can handle multiple needs at once but also an improved chance at a higher quality customer service experience. When it comes to good customer service, Americans place high importance on getting an immediate response.

About 90% of customers place great importance on getting an immediate response from customer service for any question that they might have. Of those same people, 60% of them define an immediate response as within 10 minutes or less.

Having a team will allow more customers to receive that immediate response and for your sportsbook to stay on top of any questions and concerns that your bettors may have.

Hardware and Software

Another thing that we can provide you is the proper hardware and software that you need to properly run a sportsbook. If you are someone that is not the best with technology, you can hand that responsibility over to experts in the field who have tested the reliability and security of these products.

We have seven layers of DDoS protection that we can provide you with. Systems are IP filtered and logged to protect you digitally, along with advanced firewalls. On top of this, at our physical location, only authorized personnel can go near the equipment that allows your sportsbook to function smoothly.

AcePerHead takes your security seriously when it comes to both digital concerns and physical concerns. On top of this, we do not let the reliability of your sportsbook get in the way of this.

That means no maintenance at bad times and no glitches and buffering at the most popular times to bet. We are prepared for those situations and take precautions to make sure they do not get in the way of your business.

Updating Lines

One of the biggest things that AcePerHead can help you with is keeping your lines up to speed. With their technology, they can help you use it to keep your lines up to date by the second, depending on how many bets are being made on your platform.

It is so reliable that we have our lines posted on elite websites like Donbest. Also, keeping your lines sharp helps you get a bigger handle every week.

Having accurate lines is one of the most important things a bookie can have if you want your sportsbook to make a profit. This is because a line that is off even by one point can cost you thousands of dollars in bets.

An example can be if your line fails to update from -7 to -7.5 in time for a big favorite in a football game. Say 50 people placed $50 each on the -7 line, and it pushes. That is $2,500 you just lost out on because it did not move in time.

Use the technology to make sure that you are putting out the lines most beneficial for your sportsbook.

Team Up With AcePerHead

These are just some of the reasons that you should consider signing up with AcePerHead. This pay per head company can give you access to the sharpest lines out there, the best hardware and software for your sportsbook, plus a full customer service team.

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Trust Us to Provide the Best Boxing Betting Software

Do you want to make sure your clients are able to get the chance to bet on boxing matches? The best bookie software, AcePerHead can help you provide the latest boxing betting odds to them.

Our software for sports betting will also let your clients bet on any number of other sports. It’s some of the very best betting software around for anyone who would like to become a successful bookie.

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