Sportsbook Software

What makes a sportsbook software stand out? I supposed the answer is not an easy much less simple one. There is a lot that goes into making a functional software system, the actual design and coding are certainly at the core of every great software, but I am not a techie or a developer and I won’t attempt to examine the code behind the best sportsbook software for North American markets.

How Software Can Help You Succeed?

We will just say that strong coding skills are needed to make great software, but, for bookie business owners the best sportsbook software is the one that allows them to seamlessly manage their interests from anywhere in the world, providing security and data integrity. It is also the one that diminishes paper trails and offers a great betting experience to their players.

Does Such Software Exist?

Fortunately, the answer is yes, the software utilized by is considered the best betting platform for North American pay-per-head markets. The software offers enough flexibility to simultaneously handle hundreds of line types, it features automation capabilities that allow line managers to cater to every single one of those line types in fractions of a second with superb accuracy.

The software’s security means that wagers can be accepted from a variety of channels including online and mobile platforms as well as in-house, through their state-of-the-art contact center. The software stores all wagers in real time, so there is no need to worry about wagers being stuck in limbo.

Account security is guaranteed as every access is recorded including IP addresses, any change to an account of the package is also recorded with user and time stamp, providing complete accountability.

One of the best features of this pay per head software, is the fact that agents can manage their own lines remotely, and they can make changes to a player account which are implemented immediately, changes can range from wager limits, credit limits, inactivating and re-activating accounts, leaving messages for specific players, etc.

Sportsbooks are just like any other business, the need for information is imperative, and the information needs to be readily available and accurate, the reporting capabilities of the software utilized by Ace Per Head are outstanding. Player balance reports, detailed weekly win/loss reports, wager reports including deleted or modified wagers, position reports, and much more are available. The reports are created within seconds and the information provided is up to the minute, this kind of visibility, allows agents to make informed decisions concerning their businesses and provides valuable insight into new and exciting business opportunities.

I will say that the software Ace PerHead has chosen to use is not proprietary, and therefore there are some constraints when it comes to modifications, however, they have developed a close relationship with the software provider where they can request certain changes to be added during the major scheduled software updates.

So to answer our original questions about what makes a sportsbook software stand out, the answer is its capacity to empower you and your business to succeed, having the right tools at hand will place you one step closer to success.

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