Wagering Solution Software

Most of us are not tech savvy, we look at a software and test the demo version and if it seems to work we just assume it does.

This is true for almost every type of software, not just sports betting, we use what we have on hand and while we may dream of the software being able to do more, or do it differently we wouldn’t know where to start to ask for changes.

What to Do If the Answer Is No

There is a lot that goes into building software, saying I want a button that accepts a wager when you click it is not only an incredibly simplistic way of viewing technology it’s just not an accurate one.

But, this is not a lecture on how to design or build software, it is, however, a guide on what you should reasonably expect from the wagering solution software your pay per head service is providing you.

These are the most important aspects your betting software should provide:

  • Ease of Use

User experience is important, and no, this is not just one of those things that marketers invent, a pleasant user experience has real repercussions for the survival of any online betting site.

If users get lost trying to find the lines they are interested in, if they have a hard time figuring out how to select a line, a wager type, or the amount they wish to wager on that wager, then the bounce rate will increase, players will simply become frustrated and leave the site without placing any wagers.

Having a frontend interface that clearly labels the odds, makes a distinction between, full game odds, half-time lines, and quarter lines, that makes finding prop bets easy, that doesn’t require a ton of clicks to place a wager then players will be more likely to want to reproduce this enjoyable experience and even recommend it to their friends.

The ease of use must also extend to the agent backend, if you can’t figure out what each report provides, if you have trouble visualizing your operation at a glance, if you can’t keep accurate track of your sub-agents, if you can’t see what your position is on a game and who wagered on it and when then the agent interface is simply not cutting it.

You don’t have time to figure out all these things, you have things to do, people to see, and money to make. Your agent interface should be straightforward, and easy to use, period.

  • Compatibility

It is not uncommon for pay per head companies to work with different wagering solution software providers, in fact I guarantee they are all doing this, the company that provides the sports betting software is most likely not the same company providing the Live Wagering interface, and the Live Casino is for sure provided by a third vendor.

The job of the price per head company is to integrate all these providers into one easy to use interface, for this they need to tweak things to ensure compatibility, something that is not easy to do. Most software providers offer solutions that can integrate with a variety of platforms, it’s just that some integrate better than others.

Having a dedicated staff of developers and programmers like www.AcePerHead.com does, helps a great deal, because not only can they integrate the different software solutions, they can personalize them, and this is what marks the difference.

  • Capacity

There are several reasons why sites crash during crunch time, the most prominent is software capacity. This is a serious issue for large pay per head companies, who during peak times can have hundreds of thousands of wagers being accepted at the same time from different sources, call center, online interface and mobile interfaces.

Everything in life has a breaking point, cheaper versions of betting software have a lower threshold than others that cost more. But then again, more expensive doesn’t guarantee higher capacity. The secret to success is finding the right combination of cost and performance.

Asking how many transactions a software can process per minute or second, does not necessarily provide a complete picture as to how efficient and reliable the software is, performance is also dependent on infrastructure which brings us to our next item.

  • Hardware

Servers are an important component for software performance, the reality is a wagering solution software can process a million transaction per second, but if the servers it is running on cannot keep up then the processing capacity of the software is rendered useless.

It is not enough to have the server capacity to handle the current volume of today, the investment required to purchase high capacity servers is considerable, therefore PPH companies must forecast what the volume will be during the entire live expectancy of the server.

At this point, the servers running at AcePerHead.com data center have 5x more capacity than they are currently handling now, which is impressive when you consider they are one of the largest price per head companies today, which means the number of transactions they process is considerably higher than the average PPH service.

  • Network

Equally important is the network the software is running on; a slow or intermittent internet connection will have a negative impact on software performance as will a badly constructed network.

The standard to follow again can be found at the Ace Per Head data center, their network structure is similar to those used in fortune 500 companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, where every piece of equipment has complete redundancy, and in some cases multiple redundancies.

As an example, they have contracts with 9 different internet provider companies, this not only ensures the speed requirements of the software it more than exceeds them, and it guarantees up times of 99.99%.

The next time you experience a slow response from your current pay per head sportsbook software, ask yourself, why am I putting up with this sub-par service when for the same price I can have superior service, peace of mind and much happier players if I were to switch to AcePerHead.com.