How Does the Bookie System Work?

Contrary to popular belief, gambling can actually have many health benefits. It makes bettors happier, improves critical thinking skills, and helps them stay sharp by studying numbers and patterns.

To turn a profit, it’s important that you understand gamblers’ critical thought processes when they place bets with your sportsbook. Here, we’re going to talk about sports betting systems and how you can mitigate damages from those using them. Read on to learn about this popular gambling strategy and what you need to be aware of.

The Basics of Sports Betting Systems

System betting is a gambling strategy where a player bets on a combination of multiple events. Rather than just betting on one game, they bet on several sporting events. This reduces the player’s risk of losing all their money because they are likely to at least win on some betting combinations.

When a player makes a normal bet, they only will put one wager onto a betting slip. Multiple wagers will go onto a single slip when they place a system bet. They’re easy to distinguish.

This may sound like accumulator betting, which combines many different bets into just one wager. In these situations, the player needs to win everything if they want the bet to be successful. However, systems betting is different because the player can lose some bets and still turn a profit.

There are many scenarios in which system betting is popular:

  • The bettor wants to mitigate potential damages from risky events
  • The bettor wants to minimize the chances of losing any wager
  • The gambler wants to make multiple selections to register for a profit

All they need to do is navigate desired markets, choose smart combinations, and place the bet with a bookmaker online. It’s easy.

System Bet Types

Players can make as many wagers as they like within a system. There are therefore several types of betting systems with different numbers of wagers.

A 2/4 betting system is common. In these systems, the gambler makes 6 total bets. 2 of those 6 bets must win in order for the player to profit – it’s okay to lose 4 of the bets.

There are also other system types. A 1/3 system means that only 1 of 4 wagers needs to win. A 3/5 system means that 3 out of 8 wagers need to win in order for the player to profit.

This is the beauty of system gambling on the player’s end. They can construct various parlays, or bets on multiple outcomes that might occur. Only some parlays need to win, so they have diversified their bets and therefore have higher chances of winning.

Betting Systems and Bookies

As a bookmaker, it’s important that you understand and prepare for bettors that use system gambling strategies. If you aren’t in the know, you could lose a lot of money to those who only win a few bets out of many.

However, bookies that do understand gambling systems can actually turn a high profit off gamblers who use this strategy.

Bookies like you can actually market and offer specific betting systems for their players. You can create combinations of outcomes based on odds that you (or an Ace Per Head oddsmaker) determine to be favorable. Gamblers can choose from multiple pre-made systems that you create.

System Betting Analysis for Bookies

Let’s say that you identify 5 teams as likely to win and 5 teams as unlikely to win.

You can pair the team with the highest odds up with 3-4 others that have the lowest odds of winning. This 1/3 or 1/4 bet would give you a numerical advantage but would likely also turn some profit for bettors assuming that the “1” team was a huge favorite.

You could also make 2/3 systems out of those that have closer/more mediocre odds. Just make sure that the payout reflects the amount that gamblers are likely to win. You don’t want to be driven out of all your money because of a sharp system bet.

This keeps you in control and allows you to mitigate risk to your sportsbook. It also keeps bettors happy assuming that you are fair when creating your systems. They won’t need to do as much research or track scores; all they’ll need to do is fact-check your odds to ensure that they have a chance of winning.

Make sure that you’re fair. You’re going to get a cut of profits from the vigorish either way.

Types of System Bets

It’s important that bookmakers understand the types of system bets that players like.

This will let you set pre-made system betting slips that players like and drive gamblers to your sportsbook over competitors’. It also lets you figure out what gamblers are doing when they place multiple bets at once when not using your pre-made systems.

Some common bet types include:

  • Parlay bets
  • Insurance systems (where the player scales a bet back by a small amount like $5-$10 every time they lose)
  • Paroli betting (the player doubles their next bet after every win)
  • Positive progression (where the player slightly increases the betting amount with each win)
  • Negative progression (where the player slightly increases the betting amount with each loss)
  • Martingale betting (where the player exponentially increases their bet with each loss)
  • D’Alembert betting (where the player increases the bet by percentages, usually 1-3%, with each loss)

Knowing these betting types lets you prepare for multiple scenarios. You can set a better vig, create lines that make sense and create betting slips that are a tradeoff between the odds that will benefit you and the odds players are looking for.

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