Where Bookies Get The Info

The online gambling market is projected to reach $93 billion by 2023. This high figure means that you as a bookie need to get information and accept bets online or in mobile apps.

Here, we’re going to talk about some ways that you can get information from the web and use it to set online lines and odds. Read on to become the best sports bookie with top-notch information.

1. Getting Odds

Some bookies choose to copy odds from other sources. They go to their competitors, check out their lines, and put the same ones onto their own websites. This is a cheap way out at best, and at worst it can lose you a lot of money.

You won’t have a leg up over your more experienced competitors and won’t be able to find players. Plus, when people realize that your odds are nothing but copy-pasted, they won’t trust you.

Ace Per Head performs all your lines and odds calculations. Accordingly, bookies spend much less time handicapping events to keep their books balanced.

With price per head sportsbook software, you can run your entire sportsbook. A leading service provider such as Ace Per Head can make all the difference in the world in succeeding in the online sportsbook business.

With Ace Per Head, you’ll have access to technology that rivals big-time casinos. What’s more, you’ll only pay a flat per player feet for the service instead of paying for a monthly lease.

Ace Per Head only charges as low as $3 per active player. In other words, if 20 players make a bet, you’ll pay $200. There are no hidden fees or commissions.

The pay-per-head pay structure is much better than paying for services that you’ll never use. Also, you don’t have to worry about purging your client list so that you don’t overpay. With Ace Per Head, you automatically pay the best rate possible.

2. Their Own Passion

Most bookies go into the sports bookie market because they’re passionate about sports. If this describes you, your own passion and gut feelings can be invaluable when setting odds.

You likely know information about the teams that you’re passionate about and what happens when they go up against each other. Use prior knowledge and make projections based on your instincts.

3. Past Wins and Losses

Of course, gut feelings aren’t a good source of information when running a business. Listening to them is simply a way to let you know where to begin your research. Look up the teams that you believe to be the most and least successful.

Determine their odds of winning against other teams based on their performance in matches during previous seasons. Average out scores and analyze the ways that they intersect. The past is a great indicator of the future regarding sports teams.

4. Ratings for the Current Season

However, new factors may impact the accuracy of past odds. Teams get new coaches and players get injured. You should look at ratings for the current season that take these significant changes into consideration.

Compare multiple expert ratings online and ensure that your sources are reputable. A top-notch pay-per-head sportsbook platform can direct you to credible and authoritative websites. This will let you gather information about top teams, make projections about who will hit each other, and better predict the season’s outcome.

5. Lines Compilers

While small to medium-sized bookies tend to set their own betting lines, those with growing sportsbooks tend to hire professional odds compilers. If you’re at the point where you’re trying to set lines for hundreds of teams, you’re going to need some help.

These professionals know exactly where to source information and how to incorporate it into your odds. They know how to keep you competitive and give you the best possible house edge.

Get Information for Your Sportsbook

There are many ways that bookies get information, and the route that you choose should depend on your specific needs. Now that you know some of your options, it’s time to ask the pros about compiling data and creating lines.

Ace Per Head’s experts are passionate about sports betting and helping bookies thrive. Sign up to chat about sourcing information for your sports betting platform.