Sports Betting Industry

The worldwide gambling market is growing at about 11.7% annually. If you want to get into the sports betting industry, you likely are wondering how to set up an awesome bookie business.

Read on to learn how you can get your foot in the door of the bookie industry as a sportsbook agent.

Research the Sports Betting Industry

When setting up a business in any industry, it’s important to research the market. You want to learn how quickly it’s growing and how much competition you have. You also will want to know how you can differentiate yourself from competitors.

This means looking at industry trends and offering cutting-edge services. In the bookmaking world, this means setting lines that players will find appealing. It also means offering promotions to new gamblers and rewarding repeat bettors with higher limits.

You also need to browse competitor websites and look at reviews of them. This will let you know what type of user experience people want when they visit your online bookie platform. This may sound challenging, but a sportsbook platform provider can help inform you of which trends are currently popular and lucrative.

Choose Your Time Commitment

Some people may want to operate a sports betting website as a side gig. These bookies have another day job but use their sportsbooks to make some additional cash. This is ideal for people who have a limited amount of time. It also is a good choice for people that want a side job where they can work remotely and flexibly.

Those who treat their sports betting site as a side gig can make a good $30,000 annually. However, you also will have the chance to expand and grow if you want to build a bigger presence down the line. This may be worthwhile since larger bookies can make around $5 million per year.

If you want to become a behemoth in the sports betting industry, bookmaking will eventually be your full-time job. You’ll need to make a big but worthwhile commitment.

Decide What Sports to Offer

Start a Sports Betting Site

Choosing which types of sports to offer betting services for is the second decision budding bookies must make.

To best make this decision, consider:

  • How many sports you can manage following/tracking with your intended time commitment
  • What sports you are personally passionate about
  • Which sports/teams/events are popular in your service area
  • Whether you want to expand to other areas (and what sports are popular there
  • What sports/teams/events people bet the most on in previous years

Once you decide what you plan to offer, you can begin setting up a sportsbook site.

Invest in Fully-Managed Bookie Services

At this point, it’s time to set up a website with Ace Per Head. Our experts will help you figure out how to design a great website. It will come fully optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices, which bettors are more likely to use.

After launching your site, we’ll be there to provide you with 24/7 agent support. We’ll help you make the most out of our many features and communicate transparently with bettors. We also will constantly update and enhance your website to keep you relevant in the sports betting market.

Carve Out a Name for Yourself as a Bookie

Making money gambling is a great way to earn some extra cash. However, it has nothing on making money as a bookie.

Now that you know how to get into the sports betting industry, it’s time to get started. Sign up for a six-week promotion to see how we can help you while paying nothing.