Sharp Bookie Review

If you are booking action or are looking to, then one of the most important things to have is sharp bookie software because it will always make you more money over the long term than software that has soft or slow-moving lines.

There are many different pay per head bookie sites that you can choose from that will offer a bookie software site for your players to bet on, however, there are not many that adhere to the theory of always having the sharpest lines. With so many services out there, many just copy the lines from another book and fail to move lines quickly enough. Generally, these sites are the ones that offer the lowest prices, because they do not spend the necessary funds on having top-quality line makers, and instead just want to get as many customers as possible, without focusing on actually making the bookies the most money with the sharpest lines.

The difference in a line on one bookie site compared to another could be as small as half a point or a point difference, however, anyone who bets or books action knows very well that is all it takes for a wager to be a win, lose or push. So it is important to not be lured into the trap of paying a lower price on the PPH fee if it comes at the cost of having a sharp bookie software.

One of the bookie software that is at the head of the curve in offering sharp lines is Ace Per Head. They use an average of the 5 top books in the market and then move the lines and juice on a line by where the action is going, and then also utilize a handful of the sharpest professional bettors in their system to move the line accordingly and immediately.


doesn’t just copy other lines out there in the market and wait for them to move, but instead, they tap into the experience of their lines team, which has over a combined 150 years of experience moving lines in the industry. In addition, they are aggressive with the juice on lines as well, moving lines to -115, -120, or even -125 to get the players to pay more money for a certain game line, which all helps to increase hold percentages for the bookies.

They do not have the cheapest pay per head price in the market, but they still have a very affordable and reasonable price of $10 per active player a week. Instead, their focus is on just making the bookies the most money as possible from their players, which they do with sharp lines and charging more juice on certain lines. Lines are the bloodline of the industry and having the sharpest lines is only going to help you as the agent to make the most money possible, so a small difference in price per head will not matter when you make more overall profit from the sharper lines. So give a call today at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up with one of the sharpest bookie software companies in the industry.