Becoming a Bookie in College

Being a College student is an exciting and fun time in a young adult’s life, where one can learn a lot, prepare for a career in the real world, and make long-lasting friendships. Considering that the amount of hours spent in the classroom is significantly less than when one is in High School, there tends to be a lot of time to study and become involved in other types of extra-curricular activities.

The one thing that tends to be lacking from a productive and thrilling College experience is Money. Even if you are lucky enough to have parents that pay for College, it becomes hard for them to also give you extra money to spend on other things, and depending on your class load it may be hard to find time to get a part-time job to help earn a little extra cash. Even if you do find the time to get a part-time job, it is often a rate that is close to minimum wage, so it’s hard to actually make any substantial amount of money.

Becoming a Bookie

However, there are other opportunities that exist that are actually perfect for college students to utilize in order to make some extra cash. One of these unique opportunities is becoming a successful bookie and taking action on sports since your fellow college classmates are in the perfect target market to bet. Just think about it, if you are a University student living on a College Campus, you are literally surrounded by thousands and thousands of other males that are between the ages of 18 to 23 years old. Also if you go to an NCAA Division 1 University then there are plenty of student-athlete sporting events taking place each day, that students watch and attend.

Also if you are in a Fraternity you live and breathe with many young guys that typically enjoy watching sports as entertainment. So this is just using the resources that are at your disposal and starting your own entrepreneurial business by becoming a bookie agent in college and taking action on various sporting events.

But how can one take action on sports when there are many different sports and betting options to wager on, since that sounds like it will take way too much time and money to set this up? Well, that answer is easy, there are various pay-per-head websites such as that provide you will turnkey solutions that do all the work for you. provides a website, and mobile platform that has thousands of betting options each day, and they have a team of lines guys updating the odds up to the second just like in Vegas. In addition, as soon as a sporting event ends Ace grades everything immediately and everything is calculated and updated for the player and for the bookie.

PPH Solutions for College Students

Ace Per Head does all the work for you, and all you have to do is acquire new players and collect from them after they lose. It sounds too good to be true right, this must just cost a ton of money? Nope, with a pay per head provider like Ace they offer this entire service for as low as $10 per active player a week, which is basically the cost of a Starbucks coffee and a sandwich. They do not take any commission or have any hidden fees, which means if you have a player that lost $500 that week then you just netted yourself an effortless $490 that week.

It does not get much easier than that in terms of making money in college, and the more players you get to bet with you, the more money you will make. So if you’re a college student this could be a great way to make some extra money and at the same time have additional enjoyment from watching sporting events that you already spend time watching and following.

Becoming a Bookmaker in College: Everything You Need to Know

Are you interested in earning a little extra money in college? Becoming a bookie may be a great opportunity for you. This is everything you need to know.

Were you aware that becoming a bookie is one of the best ways to earn income as a college student?

College students often have a hard time trying to work while doing classes, but you can do several things to ensure you make money. Becoming a bookie is one way to make a lot of money while not having to do much work. They’re essentially someone that works with sports betting.

The reason why becoming a bookie in college is beneficial is because it’s easy to get into and you can earn a lot of money. However, you must learn more about what a bookie does before coming one.

“So how do you become a bookie?” We’ll cover everything so that you can start earning money as soon as possible.

Keep on reading to learn more about how to become a bookie in college!

What Is a Bookie?

Put simply, a bookie is someone that manages bets. However, bookies do a variety of things to ensure that people can place bets and receive payouts. Some of the main things they do include receiving payments, sending payments, and setting bet amounts.

The main way bookies earn money is by charging players transaction fees whenever they make bets. They can also loan money to players and charge interest, giving them extra income. This prevents bookies from having to place bets to earn something.

When bookies are changing odds, they do so in a way that brings an equal amount of players betting on a win or loss. This requires bookies to pay a lot of attention to sports stats to come up with accurate odds.

If a bookie doesn’t maintain balance, they’ll end up losing a lot of money if the majority of bettors win. However, this doesn’t happen often if a bookie is keeping up with stats.

While bookies often work with sports betting, many branch out and offer casino games. When becoming a bookie, you don’t have to offer casino games, but it’s an easy way to earn extra income.

Sports betting takes place on websites and in bookmaking software. Because of this, they can easily monitor how much money is being made from bets. They can also update things whenever needed.

To gain customers, many bookies advertise their services on social media and gambling-related websites. This allows them to grow their audience and instantly start making money. As they grow popular, they can offer more services to players.

Benefits of Becoming a Bookie

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), more than 1/3 of college students are poor. Because college takes a lot of time, students often have a hard time juggling both school and work. However, becoming a bookie is a solution that not many consider.

Here are the main benefits of becoming a bookie in college:

Being a Bookie Is Simple

Unlike many jobs, being a bookie is simple. You don’t have a boss, you’re not required to do a certain amount of work, and you don’t have deadlines. You can also choose when you want to work.

Another thing that makes being a bookie simple is having quick access to sportsbook software. Despite being harder to come by in the past, you can find efficient sportsbook software within minutes to start bookmaking.

Modern sportsbook software comes with a variety of features to make your job as a bookie easier. These programs can automatically calculate odds and pay winners so that you don’t have to do anything. The only thing you’ll have to do is calculate the profits and losses.

Quickly Attract Customers

Gambling is a popular activity, so it doesn’t take much effort to attract people to a gambling service. When it comes to sports betting, all you have to do is publish an advertisement and you’ll immediately attract players.

Social media is a great place to start because there are over 3.5 billion daily users. After putting together a website, you can attach it to your advertisements and start a social media campaign.

From there, all you’ll need to do is offer attractive bets and payouts. The more sports you take bets on, the more customers you can get.

No Social Skills Required

Bookmaking doesn’t require you to talk to anyone, ever. You’ll never have to meet face to face, which was necessary in the past. All you need is sportsbook software so that players can see their options and place bets.

You can also use a website and social media to communicate with your audience when needed. For example, if you want to make changes to your service, you can announce the changes on any platform.

Whenever people want to find information about something, they can browse your website or check the social media pages. Becoming a bookie is also a great chance to start a blog so that you can earn ad revenue when people view it.

Doesn’t Take Much Time

The most amount of time you’ll need to spend working on becoming a bookie is setting up a platform. After you’ve made it, many of the necessary tasks will be handled automatically by your bookie software.

This is perfect for college students because you can focus on your schoolwork while your bookmaking software takes care of everything else. Even when you’re doing other things, you’ll earn money from sports bets as the day goes on.

How to Become a Bookie in College

Before becoming a bookie, you should start learning about the necessary steps. Understanding how to become a bookie doesn’t take much time, but it’s better to get a solid understanding so that you can quickly go through the process.

Familiarize Yourself With Gambling

When you want to know how to become a bookie in college, you should get a better understanding of gambling. While this is something that many people think they know, the world of sports betting is much different than a casino.

You need to get used to terms like “pay per head,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Aside from taking payments when players are making bets, you can charge them to use the service. Offering monthly and yearly options will ensure that you earn passive income while increasing your audience.

You must also learn about various sports because you’ll need to offer betting for several if you want to be successful. Start watching sports weekly, learn about the players, and see what other bookies are doing.

Whenever you have a hard time figuring something out, you can search online for answers within minutes. Use various resources often to ensure that you learn as much as you can about a sport.

Pick a Sport

One of the best tips we can give you when you want to learn how to become a bookie is to pick a sport and stick with it for a while. When you initially become a bookie, it’ll be difficult to manage several sports until you better understand them. However, managing one sport won’t take much effort.

We encourage you to pick one that you like and focus on it until you feel comfortable offering services for other sports. Some of the most common sports are football, basketball, and baseball. You can also offer sports betting for foreign sports, but it’s best to focus on your own country’s sports before doing that.

Get Bookie Software

After learning more about sports betting, the only thing that’s stopping you from becoming a bookie is not having sportsbook software. Fortunately, you can find one within minutes that’ll offer all the features you need.

You can start by signing up for our services to get an idea of what it’s like to use bookie software. We’ll give you a 6-week trial so that you have enough time to get your sports betting platform off the ground. 

After using our services, you can continue implementing new things into your platform to retain customers and grow.

Now You Know How to Become a Sports Bookie

After reading this article, you now know everything you need to know about becoming a bookie. Although this is something that many people want to do, few make it far enough to understand everything required to become one.

Becoming a bookie doesn’t take much work, but you must be prepared to spend a lot of time researching sports in the beginning. After getting a better understanding of some things, you’ll have no problem growing your sports betting business.

Check out our beginner’s guide to learn more about sports betting and becoming a bookie!