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Those days when bookies operated in the back rooms of newsstands or smoke-filled dive bars and pool halls seem so long ago, though they really were not. Those were the days when anyone looking for action “had a guy.

Maybe you are that guy, and now with the wave of sports betting legalization, you need to keep up with the slick online interfaces offered by the big casinos and other sportsbooks.

To take your business online and grow, read these five tips for choosing the best sportsbook software.

1. Sharp Lines

Back in the old days, oddsmakers determined the line of each game huddled in back rooms of Las Vegas. This method involved a bunch of experts on any given game determining what the opening number should be.

Those opening numbers would spread to bookies in the United States and abroad, and bookies adjusted those numbers based on the line fluctuation of the whole market, and their individual market.

This method still can work, but if you’re a bookie operating outside of a casino, you have to be able to keep up with the numbers.

If you operate a sportsbook or your own sports betting site, you may fall behind on do-it-yourself paper and pen odds making.

Should this happen, and your lines are not as sharp as they should be, a good gambler will take advantage. This could crash your profit margins or worse yet, put you out of business for good.

When choosing sportsbook betting software, make sure to research what line service they use.

2. Control

One of the perks of old-school sportsbooks for bookmakers was the complete control over the book. As a bookie you controlled all the lines.

Say a market-setting sportsbook opened a Kansas City vs. Baltimore football game at Kansas City -7.5. You may have a different read on the game, or a better idea of how your particular market operates.

If you operate in Pittsburgh, your players may not want to bet on the rival Baltimore. So you’d decide to set your market at Kansas City -8.5 to encourage more play on the Baltimore side.

With quality PPH software like a pay per head service, you not only get to manipulate the spreads and money lines, but you retain control of the rules, limits, and bet offerings available to all your customers.

These rules are programmed into the sports betting interface, and prevent players from placing bets you do not want to allow.

3. Risk Management

The big casino sportsbooks ban players all the time. This could be for any number of reasons, sometimes only for winning far too much. If you operate your own sportsbook, why should you be any different?

When looking for the best online gambling software, find one that offers real-time updates on all the wagers made, as well as who’s winning and how much.

These winnings could signal red-flags and show you two things.

One, it can notify you if a bettor is up to something fishy. If you notice a particular gambler winning in very specific scenarios for a whole lot of money, he or she may be a sharp.

While some casinos welcome sharp action, you may not have the cash flow available to handle sharp money. These wise-guys have the ability to put you out of business.

Risk management features can also help you see where the potential weaknesses of your book are. After a day of betting, you may notice you took a bath on a certain game. This means your lines were wrong, and your customers took advantage.

4. Reliability

Of all the sports betting service tips, finding reliable software is the most important.

Imagine this nightmare scenario: It’s Super Bowl Sunday. You’ve released the long list of prop bets and wagers a few days before and have been waiting for the gamblers in your market to start playing.

Then a few hours before the game, right when all the novice gamblers have had a few beers and are loose enough to lay some action down on how long the Star-Spangled Banner will be, your book crashes.

Now, you’re unable to take in all the action. If you rely on inferior sportsbook betting service, you run the risk of going down for the entirety of the game. That’s plenty of lost money.

You want to make sure the software you use and pay for is reliable enough to withstand heavy traffic, and if it should crash, there is a software technician available to get you back up and running. 

5. Options

Americans love to gamble on football. It is estimated that 15 million Americans lay some kind of action during a season. They love to gamble on other sports, too.

During the portion of the Covid-19 pandemic where all U.S. professional sports suspended play, sportsbooks stayed afloat by offering play on Ukrainian table tennis, Korean baseball, British darts, and Belarussian soccer.

The best sports betting service allows you to expand what your book offers. You can take action on any sporting event you decide to.

With technology, in-game betting is now very popular. Most major casinos and sportsbooks now offer these bets. If you run an old-fashioned chalkboard or paper and pen book, you miss out on all that action.

Don’t miss out. Make sure your sportsbook software platform has the ability to take in-game bets.

Best Sports Betting Software

It is time to bring your operation into the 21st century with the best sports betting software. With the recent surge in legalized sports gaming, you need to keep up with the business.

Using a pay per head service like allows you to expand your book, win new customers, and increase your profit margins.

For more information on what Ace Per Head offers bookies, visit our website for a free six-month pay per head trial. We believe that you’ll quickly see the benefits of our technology and that we’re the best bet around.