Can You Make Betting an Independent Job?

Are you aspiring to become a professional gambler? If so, think again.

The sports betting industry is constantly growing, and many individuals are taking up full-time gambling as a way to have independent jobs. Unfortunately, gambling as a job is risky because luck is a major factor, but another option exists.

Here at Ace Per Head, we help both bookmakers and players maximize profits with sports betting. In this guide, we will outline the main things you need to know before starting in this industry.

Read on for more information on full-time betting software and alternative options.

How to Be a Full-Time Professional Gambler

To make betting an independent job, you will likely need to spend several hours a day researching sports. This involves checking the status of various teams and seeing what your options are on a betting platform.

Gambling as a job comes with a lot of risk because any bet can go either way, regardless of a team’s odds. For example, the Philadelphia Eagles recently lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite being 3-point favorites. However, they were missing A.J. Brown, their top receiver, who had a major impact on the team’s offense.

Because of scenarios like this, you should take your time before placing a bet and be cautious with amounts. Following the best strategies and setting a solid gambling budget can make things easier, but there are better alternatives to gambling if you want to make a career out of sports betting.

Alternative to Betting

Although betting is as simple as signing up on a sports betting platform and depositing money, it will be extremely difficult to make a full-time job out of it. Ultimately, the amount you earn is based solely on luck.

Instead of gambling as a job, you should consider something that has a lower risk, such as professional bookmaking.

When you become a bookie, you can set up your own sports betting platform and earn money from other players. Rather than relying on winning bets, all you must do is focus on attracting players to your platform.

Creating gambling websites has never been easier thanks to sportsbook providers like Ace Per Head. With our services, you can choose from various templates to quickly set up the layout of your site. You can also implement online casino services to further entertain players and earn more money.

Crucial Features to Seek in Betting Software for Your Bookie Venture

If you’re venturing into the realm of sports betting and contemplating the role of a bookie, selecting the right betting software is paramount. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the essential features to look for when choosing software for your bookie business.

  1. Top-Notch Security: Safeguarding Your Platform

Security is a top priority when you’re immersed in the world of online betting. Your betting software should offer robust security features to protect both you and your players. Look for platforms that provide multi-factor authentication, high-level encryption, and near-impenetrable firewalls. Additionally, opting for cryptocurrency payment methods ensures that financial information remains in the network, offering an added layer of security. Ace Per Head’s platform goes a step further by assigning random numerical codes to accounts, maintaining anonymity for both agents and players.

  1. Customizable Features: Showcasing Your Brand

A customized website is your brand’s virtual storefront. Seek sportsbook software that offers a plethora of sportsbook-specific templates for customization. Ace Per Head provides a range of templates designed specifically for bookies, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and mobile compatibility. Whether you prefer a template-based design or envision a fully personalized website, the goal is to showcase your brand, attract bettors, and elevate your sportsbook’s visibility.

  1. Pay Per Head Pricing Models: Scalability and Flexibility

Traditional flat-fee subscription models may pose challenges during off-seasons. Pay per head (PPH) pricing models, like Ace Per Head’s, offer a scalable and flexible solution. With PPH, you pay only for active bettors in a given month, avoiding fixed monthly fees that may outweigh your earnings during slower periods. This model ensures that your sports betting business remains cost-effective and easy to manage, adapting to fluctuations in activity seamlessly.

  1. Good Agent (and Player) Support: A Lifeline for Bookies

Effective support is indispensable for a fully managed sportsbook. Ensure your chosen platform includes a 24/7 agent hotline for prompt issue resolution, preventing downtime that could lead to the loss of bettors. Ace Per Head not only provides agent support but also extends it to players with a round-the-clock hotline, streamlining communication and ensuring quick responses to player queries. This comprehensive support structure contributes to a smoother operation and a competitive edge in the betting market.

  1. Mobile Compatibility: Adapting to the Mobile Era

In a world where smartphone usage is ubiquitous, mobile compatibility is non-negotiable. Your betting software must offer an appealing and user-friendly experience on smartphones, catering to the 85% of American adults who own mobile devices. Investing in an easily accessible platform, along with a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices, enhances user engagement and accessibility, further securing your sportsbook.

Choosing the right betting software can be daunting, given the myriad options available. Ace Per Head not only meets but exceeds the criteria discussed, offering a platform that aligns with your bookie business needs. Experience the specific advantages of our PPH platform by scheduling a demo and initiating a six-week free. Create your package today to unlock the full potential of our sportsbook services.

Become a Successful Bookmaker Today

Should you decide to gamble, be prepared to lose money often. Providing you have a good gambling budget, you can mitigate these losses and build positive habits that will help you turn it into an independent job.

However, while you can become a full-time successful bookie, we encourage you to opt for a career like bookmaking. There is far less risk, and getting started is a simple process, especially if you work with Ace Per Head.

When you are ready to break into the industry, we will guide you through setting up and maintaining your platform.

Begin by creating a unique package with a 6-week free promo of our sports betting services!