Becoming an Online Bookie

The landscape in one of the most male-dominated industries is slowly changing as more and more women who are looking for easy ways to make money online are taking an interest.

It’s Time to Break the Mold

The number of female bettors has been increasing over the last 20 years; this, which was once considered an oddity, is now regarded as normal. Studies have shown that women like to gamble and are in fact a profitable segment; and while they are more common in casino games, the sports betting world has its fair share of female players.

However, in recent years, the industry has experienced what some would consider a strange shift; female bookies are starting to proliferate. What has changed, and what can this once men-only industry expect in the coming years?

What Has Changed?

A lot has in fact changed in the last decade, anyone who is involved in this industry has gotten used to expecting the unexpected.

With the help of the internet and newer technologies, players are now able to place bets using any device, mobile or otherwise, and have access to their accounts from anywhere in the world.

Another boom in the industry was the development of premium pay per head services, which made owning an online sportsbook, easy and more importantly affordable.

Thanks to the services provided by pay-per-head companies such as Ace Per Head, online sports betting has quickly climbed the list of easy ways to make money online and is in fact now considered to be one of the most profitable online businesses in the world.

While we all expected to see a resurgence of the local bookie, few of us imagined that women would be taking an interest in this. But, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we should have seen this coming, after all, more and more women are taking an interest in sports, and sports betting, not to mention they tend to be more organized and systematic than most men, making them an ideal candidate to become online bookies.

From stay-at-home moms to women in corporate America, any woman with enough drive and ambition can become a successful online bookie.

Why Should Women Consider Becoming an Online Bookie?

The number one reason anyone should consider becoming an online bookie these days is for financial reasons; gambling is profitable as long as you know what you are doing, period!

A few years ago, becoming a sportsbook owner was nothing more than a pipe dream for most, mostly due to the cost of both setup and operating the establishment from a foreign country. But, now that companies like have elevated the standard of service and the quality of the betting software utilized and made it affordable, the dream is closer than ever.

Women in our society have gotten used to breaking the mold when it comes to the workplace. Most successful women have a story about the struggle to earn their place in an environment dominated by men, so bucking tradition in this industry should be a breeze.

The flexibility, convenience, and low initial investment of owning an online sportsbook and casino should be a great incentive for women. As online bookies, they can work from anywhere and create their own schedules, so even if they have family and work responsibilities they can still start their business and start earning money from day one.

An online sportsbook also offers a sense of anonymity, that can help women succeed faster, and in many ways avoid being stigmatized by society, although I suspect in a few years’ time, these social stigmas will have disappeared altogether.

Business for Bookies

What Can the Sports Betting Industry Expect from Female Bookies in the Coming Years

I am not afraid to say that men are slower to react to change than women, and some prominent names in the industry might have reservations about women becoming bookies, and they may even try to make things difficult for these ladies.

I think those individuals are dead wrong, the industry should be embracing the proliferation of female bookies, and here is why.

Although the number of female bettors has increased in the last 20 years, it is still an underdeveloped market for online sportsbook owners, mostly because we have no idea how to market to this segment of the population.

Traditionally, females are targeted with casino game ads, if you do a survey of most online sportsbooks you will see tons of advertisements designed to attract male players, and little or no ads targeting women. This means we are missing out on great opportunities.

Women clearly have an advantage, they can appeal to both male and female bettors alike more efficiently than any man can. Fellows you know what I am talking about, there is nothing sexier than a woman you can discuss sports betting with, and if it’s one who is willing to take your bet, you hit the jackpot.

For women, it might be less intimidating to place a bet with another woman than with a guy, not to mention that seeing a girl become successful in this industry gives every other woman a sense of empowerment.

Now, I don’t expect the average soccer mom to start a betting ring at their kids’ soccer match, although, I don’t see why the other moms can’t bet on professional games. And being a bookie is not for everyone, regardless of gender, but for those women who are looking for easy ways to make money online, and have the drive, passion, and ambition, then I strongly suggest they consider becoming a part of this industry.

A Word of Advice

Ladies, as I mentioned, there will be some resistance, from male members of this industry, and some could either not take you seriously, not offer a lot of help, or in the worst-case scenario try to stop you from becoming an online bookie.

If you wish to avoid any of these unpleasant scenarios, I suggest you go straight to the pros and register with Ace Per Head from the start. They will give all their clients a ton of helpful tips and advice on how to better manage your operation.

Their response times are some of the fastest in the industry, and they have the service suite of services you could possibly dream of, all for an affordable price.

If you have what it takes to break the mold and become a female bookie, contact Ace Per Head today at 1-800-909-5193.