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Do you know why 52.4% is the salient number in the sports betting industry? That’s the percentage a sports bettor must win their bets at standard -110 spread odds to break even. That means many of the best gamblers still lose 47.6% of the time!

If the very best still lose that amount of bets, you can imagine how often the square public loses. You might be a casual or a serious sports gambling enthusiast, and you already know how hard it is to make consistent money betting.

Why not get on the side that always wins? Great sports wagering software can have you taking bets in a matter of hours.

Do you want to learn more about the best sports wagering software and what it offers the modern bookie? Read on to learn more.

Sports Gambling’s Meteoric Rise

If the starting nine of the 1919 Chicago White Sox came back to life to witness the sports world today, they’d be shocked. Not only would they be startled by the massive player contracts, television coverage, and modern baseball stadiums, but by how legalized sports gambling has taken hold.

There was a time, and it wasn’t very long ago, where sports teams and leagues ran from any mention of gambling. Betting on sports was illegal, and any betting was a scourage to the sanctity of the game. Ask Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose.

A mere three years after the US Supreme Court made it possible for states to legalize sports gambling, sports leagues all have sportsbook partners. There are now many stadiums and arenas that offer a space for fans to make bets during gameplay!

The truth about sports gambling is this: it always existed, and Americans have a massive appetite for it.

As more states witness the tax revenue generated by this activity, they will push for legislation to legalize it. With modern technology like smartphones, placing a bet on a game has never been easier. Most industry experts predict unlimited industry growth.

Protecting Their Assets

Not everyone loves the rapid growth of the sports betting industry. Professional sports gamblers, the folks who make their living betting, have taken the biggest hit.

As sportsbooks now operate in many states legally, they’ve opened themselves up to much more risk. There’s always a sharp gambler waiting like a shark to feed on soft lines. The more people can play, the more sharps there might be.

Knowing this, commercial sportsbooks across the world changed their line-making strategy. What was once a human and fallible enterprise is now done by sophisticated software. The lines offered by the books in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and mobile firms are now airtight.

Because of the increased risk, sportsbooks now place hefty limits on professionals. Pros who win too much now face hard and progressive limits on their bet amounts. In some cases, the books ban these players.

Small-Time Bookie Squeeze

Given the immediate explosion of sports gambling, it’s easy to assume that most cities already had multiple places for gamblers to bet. Small-time bookies operated by phone in an illegal, cash-only business. These bookies were the guys in the often spoken phrase, “I know a guy.”

With legalized gambling, they now face stiff competition. Online betting is so easy for the casual bettor. They can place bets on a full slate of Sunday NFL games while sitting in church.

The commercial books also win players away from small-time bookies for another reason. They have the capital to offer first-bet bonuses, parlay specials, and other promotions a neighborhood bookie could never give.

The business changed forever when sports betting became legal, and local bookies now scramble to keep up with their massive competition.

How Bookies Must Compete

Small-time and neighborhood bookies have a tough hill to climb. Legalized sports gambling opened the gates, and a betting crazy culture ran through.

Cable sports networks now run real-time gambling lines numbers. Sportsbooks up their player bonuses like an arms race to win players. An infinite amount of websites and social media accounts all offer in-depth betting analysis and expert picks on every game. 

How do bookies compete in the modern world of sports gambling? You have two options.

You can decide not to and watch your players dwindle. Or you can utilize sports wagering software to transform your operation into a sleek, modern betting empire. If you choose the second route, you have to make sure you use the best software.

What the Best Bookmaker Software Can Do for You

Despite public conception created by movies, television, and novels, the life of a bookie is boring. Sports consume a bookie’s time in the same way the stock ticker consumes an investment banker’s. A bookie’s life is mostly watching sports, reading about sports, and reading about the market.

Then there is the in-depth statistical analysis, combined with the constant drain of processing payments and calculating risk. If you run a DIY book, you may do it as a side-hustle. That side-hustle isn’t like driving an Uber.

It’s a heck of a lot of work! Back in the old days, the busy season was football season. Now, as more folks learn to love sports betting, every season is a busy season.

If you aren’t in the game all year long, players will place bets elsewhere. Here’s how pay per head (PPH) betting software for a bookmaker helps you evolve with the times and keeps your book running.

What is PPH?

The PPH model gives a bookie access to a modern betting platform at a fee based on the number of players you have. For example, let’s say you have 30 people place bets on your book during September. AcePerHead will charge you $10 per player, or $300.

This model is beneficial to the player and the bookie. The player has the convenience of placing bets online or with their mobile device. The bookie fee grows as you grow your player accounts.

As you write more tickets for more players, the fee becomes a fraction of your operating cost.

Betting Options

The only way a bookie grows business is by taking more bets. If you only operate during football season, you limit your ability to make money throughout the year. You also limit your player pool to players only interested in football.

You know, however, the hard work that’s involved with handicapping a single NFL season. Wagering software for a bookmaker like AcePerHead does a lot of that work for you. For the per head fee, you have access to a line service that lays airtight lines on events all over the world. 

Real-Time Risk and Data Analysis

Bookies are in the game to win money, and you get to set the rules. Given the way commercial books now operate, the sharps have moved to smaller or offshore books. If you build it, they will come.

While you want as many players as possible, you don’t want a pro to come along and put you out of business. They are hard to spot and may make multiple bets before you catch on.

’s real-time risk and data analysis track every dollar that comes in and pays out. You can see, in real-time, the risk exposure and place hard and progressive limits on sharp players.

This data analysis also takes hours off your workload.

Automated Processing

Take a day off. Take a vacation. With the best bookie software, all bet processing and payment happen automatically.

You don’t have to take phone calls at all hours of the day and night during a busy event. Your Super Bowl weekend will now be a peaceful few days of football rather than a 72-hour slog on the telephone.

Easy Set-Up and Customization

Starting an online sportsbook with a software solution like AcePerHead only takes a matter of hours. You sign up, pay the fee, and can start taking bets shortly after that.

Don’t worry about standing out. With all the customization options available, your book will stand out from the rest.

Multiple Payments

You don’t want to reject good money if you’re a bookie. If you don’t have the infrastructure to accept multiple forms of payment, your competition will.

AcePerHead gives your book the ability to accept multiple forms of electronic payment, including cryptocurrency.

Today’s sports gamblers prefer crypto for several reasons, and the best bookie software accepts it. It’s completely anonymous, and because it’s not a fiat currency, it’s not tied to any country’s central banking system. Sports bettors can avoid paying taxes on their winnings.

You Need a Sports Wagering Software

Sports gambling changed dramatically over the last three years. What was once an illegal and scornful activity is now embraced by every sports league in America. People looking to lay action can do so, almost anywhere.

What does that mean for you, the independent bookie? It means you have to compete, and you do so with the best PPH sports wagering software offered by

Don’t get left behind, bookies. Sign up today for a free demo and transform your operation.