Best Crypto Betting Software

In recent years, reports have revealed that more than half of the people who bet on sports online also invest in cryptocurrency. If you’re interested in becoming an online bookmaker, you should keep this in mind when setting up your betting platform.

Ideally, you’ll want to utilize the latest crypto betting software so that you’re able to accept crypto payments from your clients. Bookie software like this will help you separate yourself from the other online bookmakers who aren’t accepting crypto payments at this time.

Ace Per Head has you covered when it comes to crypto sports betting. You’ll be able to start accepting crypto software bets when you invest in our crypto betting software. Learn more about it below.

How Our Crypto Betting Software Works

If you’re going to work as an online bookmaker, you’ll need to obtain bookie software. It’ll give you access to everything from a customized website to a customer service team that can cater to your clients.

Our crypto betting software will also take things to the next level for your bookie shop. You’ll be able to provide your clients with the option to send crypto in your direction as opposed to utilizing other payment methods.

Many online sports bettors have come to love crypto betting software because it’s convenient, secure, and anonymous.

Why Our Crypto Betting Software Is the Best

Ace Per Head isn’t the only service that can set you up with crypto betting software. But we do believe that you’ll find that our crypto betting software will be the best option of the bunch.

Why? Well, we understand the crypto world inside and out and provide people with the opportunity to accept Bitcoin payments while running their online bookmaking enterprises. Your clients will come to appreciate how easy we can make it for them to pay you through cryptocurrency options.

How to Start Using Our Crypto Betting Software

Would you like to test out our crypto betting software to see what it can do for you and your online sportsbook? We can set you up with a six-week free promo so that you can see what our bookie software can do for your bookmaking business.

From there, you’ll be able to pay as little as $3 per head to keep your online sportsbook up and running. We always strive to make things as easy as possible for those who roll the dice on our crypto betting software.

What to Look for When Choosing Sports Betting Software

Cryptocurrency Betting Software

Here is what you should look for when choosing bookie services:

Customization Options

Almost every single pay per head service is going to give you access to things like a sports betting website. It has become a standard to some degree. But not all sports betting software is going to enable you to customize a site to fit your needs.

It’s why you should search for a pay per head service like Ace Per Head that will make it possible to take advantage of customization options. It’ll make your sports betting site stand out so much more than it would otherwise.

Latest Sharp Betting Lines

When your clients are using your sports betting site, you want them to have access to all the latest sharp betting lines. It’ll be better both for them and you when they’re able to get these lines fast.

It’ll entice them to place more wagers through you, and it’ll also guarantee that you aren’t giving out lines that put your clients at an advantage over you. You’ll love the fact that these betting lines will automatically update without you having to do a thing.

Safety and Security

If your clients don’t feel like they can place bets through your sports betting site safely and securely, it won’t matter how nice it looks. They aren’t going to be comfortable enough to push these bets through.

So when you’re considering different pay per head services, make it your mission to find one that takes safety and security seriously. This should include an option to have phone calls and emails from your clients routed through your pay per head service so that they can have questions and concerns addressed.

Affordable Prices

You don’t want to enlist the services of a pay per head company simply because they charge the cheapest prices. They might not be able to provide you with the best sports betting software.

At the same time, you also don’t want to cut into your profits by calling on a pay per head company that’s going to charge you more than the going rate for their services. You’ll want to look high and low for a company that can set you up with prices that’ll fit into your price range.

Ace Per Head charges as little as $3 per head for sportsbook software. It could be the most cost-effective option for you.

Contact Us to Put Our Crypto Betting Software to the Test

Would you like to see how our crypto betting software works for yourself? You’ll be surprised to see how simple and straightforward it can be for you to accept crypto payments from your clients from now on.

You’ll also be surprised to see how much your clients will love the fact that you accept crypto payments in the first place. It could have you bringing in more clients than you ever could have imagined before.

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