Pay Per Head Review

If you are a local bookie, chances are you have looked into or are already working with a pay-per-head service. Considering all the dangers of handling this type of operation onshore the best practice is to go offshore.

In recent years these types of businesses have proliferated online, and they all claim to be the best pay per head service, they say their fees are competitive and they have the best customer service. As I’m sure you know by now, most of them are full of it.

Why Ace?

There are a few places that stand out in one way or another, but I am here to tell you about my experience with Ace Per Head… I signed up with them a few years back, my first impression was, these guys must be the best conmen in the world, they just seemed to say all the right things; the rep I was assigned was educated, courteous, and seemed to know his stuff. Everything they said on their site looked as if they were a huge operation with years of experience and financial backing. I was cautious, to say the least; I had been burned in the past but I figured they don’t have any info on my players so they would have a hard time stealing them from me. I decided to try them out with a small package I had, this was during the beginning of the football season.

I was expecting chaos, downtime, site crashing down, miss-grades, the usual. To my great surprise, none of that happened. So then I expected to have issues with the end-of-week figures, and the reports, but that didn’t happen either. I was beside myself, I simply couldn’t believe it.

Being the skeptic that I am, I decided I would not move the rest of my package yet, I started being a pain, asking for changes and special lines, etc. I wanted to see how flexible and accommodating these guys could be. I now feel sorry for my rep who had to endure working with me during those weeks, I went out of my way to make his life miserable, but he never changed his demeanor, he was always polite and professional, answered all my questions, and went out of his way to accommodate my every request.

I was so impressed with their whole operation and so grateful for how they treated me and my players that I moved my entire package and even got a few other bookies I knew to switch. These guys have made me more money than I could have ever imagined, their line guys are simply stellar.

I am being honest when I say that I have found the very best pay-per-head service on this side of the world and possibly the entire world. I recommend to anyone who is looking for excellence.